Hi, I’ve been using an iPhone with hdmi adapter to ‘screen mirror’ my SYSTM rides. It works pretty flawlessly but I’m trying to get rid of cables. So, I recently bought an Apple TV so that I could screen mirror my rides to my tv. Screen mirroring works & is smooth on several apps inc YouTube & Instagram plus my son’s TikTok videos. However, when I screen mirror a SYSTM ride, the video (although very clear) & sound is jumpy & unwatchable on the tv despite being smooth on the iPhone that’s casting it.
So, I’ve tried adjusting the Apple tv settings, resolution & frequency. I’ve tried lots of ride videos & they all seem the same but when I tried 2 of the yoga videos, they were much smoother & almost perfect. I’ve also tried a downloaded SYSTM video but that’s the same.
Obviously I’ve done all the standard stuff…same network, latest software etc etc but same problem continues.
Anyone have a fix or workaround or have had the same problem & given up? I’d think my old iPhone 8 & the old gen 3 Apple TV may be to blame but YouTube etc works.
Thanks for any advice

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Also following.

An update, I tried it with my wife’s iPhone 6S & I have the same issue. However, I then tried it with my new’ish MacBook Air & it’s fine :weary:

Despite YouTube etc working, I fear the SYSTM app is too much for my ‘old’ iPhones to cope with the video with soundtrack through mirroring, plus ride data through Bluetooth :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:

Fwiw, I’ve always had better success screen mirroring from my MacBook than my iPhone and I’m in an iPhone XR with the latest iOS.

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I get the stuttering as well. Running an iPhone 11 Pro Max with latest iOS. It’s a bit intermittent so not a huge consistent issue but I like the idea of the cable if it fixes the issue. I’m not willing to buy a computer to solve the issue. I also find the screen looks a little clipped on the edges which is kinda annoying.

Can’t wait till they get an Apple TV app!

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Well in that case I think I may revert back to the cable option, I like to have the phone handy to be able to up/down the % if I feel I need to. And I don’t really want a laptop close enough to get sweated on!
I’m not holding my breath for Apple TV App, I fear that’s a long way off :confused:

Hey @Dougie1969, For a cable solution, I have an HDMI adapter for the iPhone, and run that direct to the TV. Then I “Airplay” the sound to my Bluetooth earbuds and it’s good to go.

Still better than Ant+ for me.

This is the exact experience I found. But I found a fix…well at least for me. Try the following in order:

  1. Turn on trainer
  2. Turn on applet tv and tv/monitor
  3. Turn on Bluetooth speaker / headphones if you’re using one.
  4. Restart your phone.
  5. Open SYSTM app and navigate to workout
  6. Mirror phone
  7. Play workout

It should be stutter free. This is how I got mine to work and would be intrigued to hear if it fixes your issue. I am on iPhone 11 and using latest Apple TV 64g and all of my workouts now work perfectly.

Good luck :biking_man::sunglasses:

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Thanks Pb, I will def try this. I did 2 rides today using my new Macbook Air, clear video with no stuttering but I would prefer to use the the iPhone obviously

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No problems, let me know if it’s a success or not or whether it’s just me… who knows this stuff can be quite glitchy I’m finding.

Let me know as well!! That’s a lot of steps and I’m wondering if the issue is the cache in the phone but I’m down if it works. Anything to ensure I can hear GvA breathing down my neck as the minions prepare the flogging the station

I have exactly the same issues and it’s very frustrating. Using iPhone 13 Pro Max and AppleTV 4K. Slightly better on AppleTV HD in pain cave. The multiple restarts and doing so in different orders work intermittently. The videos are all downloaded to the phone and all other apps are fine. Might have to invest in a cable I suppose.

I just tried the method that Pb suggested & it worked for me. Thanks Pb

I’m not going to get too excited yet but that’s certainly the 1st time videos have played that smooth & they weren’t downloaded.

I will try it on a full ride later this afternoon.
Thanks again Pb


A further update, my wife has just completed a full 90 mins SYSTM ride with an old iphone 6S using this ‘restart iphone’ method & it’s 99% smooth. That’ll do me for a no cables solution


Fantastic I’m glad it worked for you! :grinning:

I bought Apple TV specifically for SYSTM so was not going to give in easily.

It’s odd why it does that, but at least it can be made to work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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given that I am experiencing audio issues in no video sessions when using the music app something is probably wrong with the way an AVSession is registered. I experienced stuttering video in one of the open sessions too when using the music app. the workaround that I found is to use the control center which layers on top of the systm app to restart the playlist that just stopped playing. maybe you can do this with the screen mirroring too?