🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀

Anyone else now having Garmin connect integration issues? Exercise / training load no longer registering. Restarted Garmin / Sufferfest integration, but both apps failed to make the connection… Issue started 48 hours ago (Australia time). Am I the only one with a Garmin integration issue? Or other’s out there? I’ve emailed the minions so hopefully they can address the issue. Trying to work out if more people like me?


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@aforbis Agreed - I use the lightening cable to HDMI with my phone and it works great.

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@JamesJordan That feature was delayed at launch per another thread but it is coming and supposed to have some additional features at some point as well.


Never mind, found the app.

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To expand on my problem with powertap P1’s: it is broken on iOS now too.

Sufferfest FAQ:
"If your power meter cannot be configured to report combined power and needs to connect as 2 separate units (such as the PowerTap P1), you will need to use ANT+ or the iOS app to get a proper power reading. "

iOS had previously worked, as noted above.

I’ve come to learn (the hard way) that “not a lot of effort” or “should be easy to implement” is a minefield when it comes to software. That said, we’re listening here and elsewhere - and we’re seeing this feedback a lot. We’ll put our heads together over the coming weeks and work out our priorities, I’ll count this as a vote for AppleTV / tvOS :slight_smile:

Kinda like how Zwift or RGT do it?

You’re not going blind, downloads on Android aren’t in the app - yet! We know this is an extremely important feature and we have it in the pipe. We’re shy about dates, but it’s near the top of our list

I’d recommend this, especially if you’re keen to explore some of the new content :slight_smile:

Sorry for the feature regression here, not as smooth as it used to be for sure. Definitely on our radar to (re)implement, thanks for flagging it

Drag & drop can’t come soon enough! The alternate solution is to re-apply the plan with a new end date and remove the ones that overlap or are repeats.

Great question - one I am not properly equipped to answer myself. Mac Cassin will publish a post on the training plans in the forums shortly. If he doesn’t address this in his post, please follow up with him in the thread :slight_smile:

Definitely only the beginning of what we’re looking to do here.

This my my new favourite colloquialism! Both innies & outties are form the navel of our plans - if it’s a training stress/stimulus, we want it captured in SYSTM

You’re spot on here! It’s worth noting that we’ve seen the development velocity we’re capable of with SYSTM in our beta program, but that work has been hidden to the broader community - our fitness will be on display in the coming days/weeks/months. On us to prove it with results, naturally :sunglasses:

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet:

A Week With plans are at the ‘top level’ of the plan picker in ‘Choose Discipline’. ProRides are difficult to work into plans due to the spicy intensity, but I think they’ve made their way into some of the plans (confirming with the team now, I’ll update when I learn more).

[Edit] They feature in several of our Criterium and eSports plans


I feel like I’m missing something regarding accounts. I can’t log in to the new Wahoo Systm app using my Sufferfest login details, correct? I have to use my Wahoo login details. How do I bring across my current subscription and workout history?

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OK, turns out I don’t use my Wahoo login (even though that’s what the log in screen tells you to do). You can use your Sufferfest login. Hope this helps anyone else who was confused.


Something strange I noticed when trying to log in to check it out. I only yesterday renewed by Sufferfest subscription for a year, but I don’t seem to have access to anything on SYSTM. I still have the old Sufferfest app and that seems to be OK.

I checked to see my subscription information and I cant find anything on either app now that tells me the current status of my subscription or my subscription history. When I go to load a workout with system it asks me to start a 14 day trial. I don’t want to do that as I have already paid and don’t fancy the chances of getting my money back if I get billed twice.

I did email support but I cant even really see from any of the stuff I have read (which is a bit now) whether we get SYSTM as part of our sufferfest. All of my history, 4DP profile and everything has moved across though so I must be logged in correctly.

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LOVE IT ALREADY :slight_smile:
Did a nice hard ride with Sir Neal today.
Might take a little adjustment but I am super excited about all the new content.
Great job!!!


YES! :raised_hands: :laughing:

Solid stuff, thanks! Drag & drop and improved activity cards / workout analytics are both at the top of the list. The Dual-screen stuff is a lot more complex, but improving the experience on larger screens is getting a lot of votes here and elsewhere

+1 (we want this too)

Solid list! I’ll make sure to brief the team on this in case it’s not already known. How many workouts do you like to keep on your device at once - a week’s worth of training? More/less?

Sorry, we had some server downtime. Should be back up and running now

Yeah, really sorry about that! Are you able to use a secondary device for music?

Another way of viewing this is to see The Sufferfest brand return to full glory (compared to The Wahoo SUF app nomenclature), but I’m the corporate shill here, so I understand if you don’t see it like just yet :wink:

We’ve run some tests internally and it works. Needs some work to make it an easy/seamless experience, but we’re keen for athletes to have this integration. (My policy is to never name a date for features, so I’m being intentionally vague, but I wanted you to know this is in the works.)

Not yet I’m afraid, but watch this space, it’s not far behind

Sorry about that, it just takes a while for Apple’s servers to line up all the 1s and 0s

Really sorry about that, we had some server issues earlier today. When you find the nrgy, hope you swing a leg over the bike and give it another crack cc @Paulc7770

The team was likely in the middle of updating all the new pics for workouts. @Cody.Moore tells me that work is done now, so your next workout will see a return of that feature (let us know if not of course, we might have missed a few in spite of our best efforts!)

  • Filter-by-download - we’re hearing this a lot here and elsewhere and I’ll work with the team to get this implemented.

  • Downloads on Android - coming soon or I’ll eat my sweaty chamois / do a shooey from a soggy cycling shoe :cowboy_hat_face:

No scrollbars, but you should be able to navigate easily enough

At the time, the App and Google Play Stores were still distributing the app across their various regions, so no links were available yet.

Good catch - both these are coming soon!

Right on! It’s not like @David.McQuillen.KoS lost his sense of humour or anything :joy:


Sorry about that, and I’m sure you’re not the only one misled by this. Just so we’re on the same page, which page/screen was misleading (do you have a screenshot)? Let me know and I’ll bring this to the team’s attention.

Will Chromecast work with the new app? Would love to ditch the USB

And… love the new format.

Thank for all the work done to make this happen.

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Block quote
Are you able to use a secondary device for music?

A third device? I’m already airplaying the workout from my iPhone to my AppleTV… seems like something that should be fixable on Novid workouts since you can play music in the background if you disable video on other workouts…

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Congrats on the new app and I am sure lots of nervous energy as you re-brand and launch. I love SUF but I agree the videos were awesome and a laugh back in the day on my powerless turbo trainer in a Melbourne garage but if you don’t grow, you wither on the vine.

Few things with the app:

  • Something funky with subscriptions, mine did not carry over and support suggested I need to enable trial. The hyper link does not work in iOS app but did on Mac app. The result still does not show sub dates correctly and history of payments missing plus no way to download statements.

  • Accounts, I imagine pushing accounts together which you went though a while back was ‘fun’. This may be part of the above issue, I note I could not log into this forum with the same wahoo account so you have some legacy to work though I would say. Identity and software is ‘awesome’.

  • Old app had a "passport’ of activities completed. Is that in the new app as a simple list?

  • Like the new wizards and for setting up new training program, there is a lot now and this simplifies for new users as to where to start

  • Channels are cool to keep the library there with easy access

Looking forward to your new features as roadmap sounds solid. Keep it coming folks!


For me this is a complete disaster, I use a MAC Air to run Sufferfest, works very well and crucially I can download the workout and use it off line, I often do not have internet where I train. Secondly the workouts load too slowly to use without first downloading them here in NZ. I now have to buy a new iPad but the way an iPad mirrors to a bigger screen is useless. What a shame you have dropped the ball on this, why not let the old Sufferfest App run until you have fixed this?

Cheers, thanks for clarifying (I thought maybe if you’re on an iPad you could use your phone for music). I’m not across the technical reasons for why this doesn’t work, but I’ll discuss this with the team and see what we can do. 100% hear you, it’s not optimal.

Follow up question - do you train with NoVids more often than workouts with music (or less/about the same)? Is it that you don’t like the music we’ve licensed and would rather play your own? No wrong answers (even though I picked some of the music), just curious. Thanks in advance

We have an ‘Activity History’ area (set to live under ‘Progress’) cooking in the kitchen and lined up to replace the Passport. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the positive feedback and for working through the account issues with customer service, I hope they fix it up soon :slight_smile:

I’ve had the app run on a (old to me) Mac Air which could only run macOS 10.13 (which isn’t officially supported, but still works). It’s not clear from your comments if it’s an issue you’re having - can you clarify?

This one. I’m using the Mac (Intel) app. This screen is also identical to the web log in.

Also, I couldn’t see any info on the main page (SYSTM Training Program & Workout App | Wahoo Fitness AU) or in the support info (e.g., this support article about creating a SYSTM account: Create a SYSTM User Account – Wahoo Fitness Support) about using your Sufferfest account. Nor was there any mention of what account to use in David’s announcement emails as far as I can tell.

EDIT: Also, will there be a way to merge your Wahoo and Sufferfest accounts in the future?

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No issues running them pronto in Auckland without a download. I never download and run them “live” from both home and my phone in the gym. Bandwidth issue maybe but sounds like you didn’t have an issue with the old app? Maybe a server bandwidth issue with The Masses playing and downloading videos like mad in the first 24 hours. I just tee’d up Ignitor and instant play. I’m on fibre at home on the laptop and 4G on the phone.


Thanks @jay - bringing this to the team as a priority