Wahoo Wednesdays | Share your feedback with the SYSTM team | November 3rd 2021

Howdy folks :wave:

Welcome to the second in a series of weekly feedback threads. Reply with a comment below to discuss Wahoo SYSTM… how to make it better… what you want more/less of… you name it…
I can’t say we’ll deliver everything you’re asking for within the timelines you hope for, but everything that’s valuable-viable-feasible-useable will be considered.

Given time, I’m confident the team will begin moving the needle on the feedback made here. Thanks in advance!

Here are the rules:

  • Post your constructive feedback and/or criticism and/or discuss the comments posted by others in the thread
  • Be respectful at all times

Thanks! :volcano:

The thread from last week


So far I am really enjoying the app. The only technical issue I have had (both iOS and PC) is what I am calling the white screen of death, meaning the app is literally just a completely white screen. Only way to fix it is restart the apps.

Before the rebrand I had only used the strength and yoga, but now am working through a triathlon plan. Are there any plans to create triathlon “building block” plans? Or kind of related to that, a “run focused block” or “swim focused block” for triathlon? 4-week blocks focusing on one sport, while including maintenance work in the others would be awesome!

Thanks for the hard work and I am looking forward to how the platform grows and changes.


Commented in another thread recommending a 5-10 minute Foam Rolling Routine. The Ian Boswell Yoga routine touches on this, yet, you’d have to go digging for just that portion.

Otherwise, I love how the Yoga routines are short and sweet. Makes it easy to insert into the day and actually do it.

Thanks for listening,



Thanks for listening to the community, @gpsjared :slight_smile:

I really miss the training plan list from the old app, it was very simple to find and drill into a plan that looked like it would fit my needs. Additionally, the ability to quickly preview the plan layout and duration was super easy and quick.

I find the new training plan “wizard” to be very frustrating to find what I want, there are too many repeated questions and vague choices before I even see the plan schedule - at which point I back out because it isn’t what I want, then go through the same routine a few more times to the point that I have just abandoned the effort. Since the training plans were a major draw to the Sufferfest program for me, a lot of value is missing or too much effort to go through.

I understand the effectiveness of the wizard questions to guide someone with no specific target, but for me it was so much simpler to click twice to see, say, the Road Century program, or the Speed Demon plan, or Volcano climbing plan: easy to see the plan’s focus, and easy to see the scheduled workouts.
I mentioned in another thread somewhere that it would be really nice to be able to toggle between the old training plan list from Sufferfest, and the new wizard guide.

Lastly, and a minor pet peeve - does Dog’s Life 1 really have to be in Every.Single.Plan? :yawning_face: Surely some other options can be mixed in, it’s time to put the poor thing down :smirk: :poodle:

Wait, there’s one more: I hope there is more women’s racing in any new upcoming videos :+1:



I like the fact that the program is working well. It would be a great idea to publish to the masses what is being worked on and what is high priority for bug fixes as well. This might ease some of the ‘chatter’ on both the Forums and on the Facebook page.
Great work on what was added to SYSTM. Lots of NEW rides and some oldies were necessarily toned down (9 Hammers was never intended to be a spiral of death.) However, some folks asked that the old be restored. Can there be a place where the older settings be made available for those who aren’t riding a plan and wish to crush themselves?


I’m on the ramp up transition plan, so not in full suffer mode… yet. The streaming has been great the last few days. I’m doing some strength sessions now - can definitely see the value, thanks to the podcasts - the pace is pretty quick in them, but presume that once you’re used to the moves it will be easy to keep up.

My main gripe is the inability to sort by downloaded video so they can be deleted once completed.

Looking forward to my Kickr arriving very soon. The podcasts have been instrumental in my planning the off season and plans for the winter. I feel this winter season is going to be super productive come race season.


OK, this is not something that should be high on your To Do list, but could be a nice-to-have feature: I’m currently in off-season, collecting badges (Why? just because)

Now I have no idea how far ahead I am with these badges. It would be helpful to click on the badge and the relevant sessions show up, split between the ones I’ve done and the ones still to do.


@gpsjared First off, you have been awesome on the forums managing all the chatter, very impressive. I don’t know if a fix was pushed but my calendar is no longer showing duplicates, thank you! Had my first video freeze last night. Not a big deal (aside from being stuck in plank while I figured out the video wasn’t moving) but documenting as the server performance issue seems to still be showing up. Have a great week!


Instead of completely stopping the use of the old app on November 15, why don’t you just disable running workouts, but keep the other parts of the app alive. We can then use functionality that is missing in the new application until it is added back.


+1 This is a great suggestion for anyone that still has access to the SUF app and may also be a solution to some of the requests from users missing the old training plans e.g volcano climbing, speed demon etc.


Not sure if I said this last week but would be good if you could create your own workout and ride it as a No Vid and just create the ride using your own 4DP Profile, it doesn’t have to go into the main Wahoo SYSTM rides just your own personal workout rides. Again being a runner this is something Stryd does quite easily with their Workout Builder and make it easy for anyone to create a workout you don’t need to be a genius to do it and I think giving users that option to create their own workout would be a +. Maybe even in time there might be a way to put your own workout against any number of videos on the Wahoo website to give it that own personal touch. Would love more On Location videos from around the world with various cyclists doing the rides. And lastly congratulations only had some issues nothing as bad as others on here but the community forum is a great place for everyone to help others with problems and that’s great to see and for Wahoo employees to contribute regularly means that it doesn’t feel like problems are going unanswered and as for other companies where answers to questions can sometimes go weeks or months without being answered.


As long I can’t bring my own workouts from TrainingPeaks into SYSTYM, I´m on hold to pay for it. But I´m a fan so I´ll wait…


Thanks for the chance for weekly feedback.

As a very self-motivated person/athlete, can I again mention how much I value the history feature that allows me to compare prior efforts over the same workout/event?

Very important. Might almost say a priority. (Hint, hint).



I always do this in Garmin Connect or Strava.

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Likewise. Strava and TrainingPeaks here. What’s quite nice about the latter is that since I put my schedule in to TP, the upcoming workouts also appear in the search list.

Look! Nine Hammers approacheth! (Ok, maybe that’s not always a good thing)

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I couln’t agree more with @lonerunman regarding the wizard. If I were allowed to change only one single thing about the app I would choose the stepper/wizard. It’s just annoying having to answer up to ten questions then following a link to get a text description of the plan and having to follow another link just to get a preview of the plan.
I’ve used the old simple interface a lot just to ge inspired by browsing through the plans.
I see how a wizard style interface might help people to find a plan that fits. But please give us ‘browse’ people the option to bypass the wizard and use the old style catalog interface.


I just noticed that the new version of Attacker is 11 seconds longer than the old version. The only reason I think it matters, is that I did it this morning, and it seemed like some of the sound cues were off a little bit.

In this topic the issue was raised that when you are in the library and search, say, Cycling you get a bunch of filter options (including 4DP focus). It looks like this:

However, when you click on a Channel, say Sufferfest, first, the filters are incomplete and look like this:

It seems to me (and others on the previously mentioned thread) that when you click Search, you should always get the same filters. Perhaps if you start in Sufferfest, the Sufferfest button should be pre-clicked, but otherwise, it seems silly for the search filters to be dependent on where you start.


It‘s the same for sorting. Entering via cycling channel one can sort by TSS and IF but by entering directly via Sufferfest those sorting options are missing.


Thank you for inviting our feedback. I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now. I guess I understand that you wanted to roll it out in Europe and North America as we approach the indoor season.

I’m enjoying both the older Suff content and particularly some of the new stuff too. This is going to be great if you can keep adding to it.

What would be good ASAP is the following:

  1. Weekly summed TSS.
  2. A Fitness, Fatigue, Form score/graph (assuming that doesn’t violate someone else’s intellectual property).
  3. Heart rate scores in Yoga / Strength activities.
  4. Apple Airplay built in so we can go full screen on the TV.

Is there a timeline for added features that Wahoo are willing to share? I appreciate these can make you a hostage to fortune, but it would be good to know when we might expect new features and what they will be. We’re forgiving enough to know sometimes things don’t roll out as hoped!

You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

All best,