🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀

Great work! Just had a look at the App on my Apple M1 based MacBook Air. Really like the design of the new application. It would be great to be able to sync the running structured workouts to Garmin Forerunner or Wahoo Elmnt Rival. I guess that is coming later?


The new look of the app looks good, but I’ve got to be honest like some others have mentioned it seems to be little more than cosmetic changes. The servers are sadly no better but I’ll put that down to the hype train on the first day, fingers crossed for tonight.

I am part way through the all purpose road plan and was going to switch to the new version to see what’s it’s like but there’s no option for outdoor rides as part of the plan?! I know that some of the weekend rides can be turned in to an outdoor session as they are, but a lot of these sessions in the new version of the plan would simply not work. Sufferfest had an option to have indoor and outdoor rides in the plan, please can you reinstate that option so I can try the new plans out?

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Haven’t jumped in yet, but it looks good so far. Happy with the extra content…

The name, though? I am with DC Rainmaker on this one :grin:

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This morning I mirrored my phone screen using the Google Home app to my Android 9 TV and it works fine so that’ll do for now. Once you start the activity the app goes to landscape mode and fills the whole screen so that’s perfect.


Guys, I have not read all through this discussion, so my question might have been asked before, but…
Have you really taken all the Sufferlandria pages offline??? All the info on chamois dance festivals, Sufferlandrian culture, history??? Mount Sufferlandria???

You haven’t done that, have you? I just can’t find it, right?
Please tell me you haven’t done that…


I’ll eat my chamois if this ever happens :laughing:

The new name took a while, but it grew on me. Dave says it best, so I’ll just quote him for the rest: " SYSTM . This change represents nearly two years of work, not just on the brand itself, but on what we can offer endurance athletes around the world. It’s about science. About completeness. About never wondering what you should be doing today. An ecosystem of hardware and software working together for you. It’s people like you, united in personal growth. It’s also missing a vowel, which helps it fit in at Wahoo, naturally."

We definitely had some Couchlandrian servers send up the white flag and take a nap earlier today/yesterday - the timestamp of your post lines up with outages in the UK. Sorry about that, but everything’s back to normal now. cc @Sir_Paul

Gotchu Sir

We were hoping we’d have this feature ready for launch, but it’s already designed and coming soon - one of the big ‘little’ things we need to do to improve the quality of the experience :slight_smile:

For modifying workouts, you can dial the workout intensities up or down from the workout player, but it sounds like you’re looking for something a bit more ‘hands on’? Not implemented yet, but on our big board of great ideas. What would you use the tool for and what features would you like to see in a workout builder?

We’re motivated to live up to high expectations like this. More content and features - what are some of the things at the top of your wish list?

I hear you here, the performance was chugging big time earlier - lots of 1s and 0s sent between the app and our servers. We’re already testing performance improvements and have learned some hard lessons on scaling. Drag & drop calendar functionality is coming soon which has been a popular request… what would you like to see or what issues are bothering you the most?

During the testing we did, maintaining strong ties to the identity was highlighted time and again and I’ve reinforced this to Dave and the team. To highlight one little delightful bit of work the team has done, Knights are greeted on the homepage with, “Good morning/afternoon/evening, Sir Jared”. Still lots of things we can do, and I like your idea of a corner of the forum where twitchy hammies can go to sing their song. Perhaps a SUF app colour ‘theme’ to compliment the Light & Dark modes (a pet wish item of mine)? Tour of Sufferlandria is coming into it’s tenth running, that’s going to be bigger than ever. Lots to look forward to from where I sit :slight_smile:

Thanks @samsondi! :hearts:

What type of integration are you looking for with Zwift or other services?

The name took me a while too. Ultimately I hope you come to see this is a win, with The Sufferfest as a huge content channel and the resources for our sports science gurus to develop features that enrich and support the “constant…improvement” of your fitness

SUFCamp feels like a lifetime ago now! Sam able to grow a beard yet?

We’ll discuss more of our roadmap in the future, but the Sports Science team are champing at the bit to bring this to life. cc @Endlessly_Curious - YES! Very hard to do properly - making a machine in the image of a coach’s mind (if you’ll forgive this nerd his Dune reference) - but that’s part of our vision - dynamic, contextually responsive training.

Awesome news!



Like a fine bottle of Real Pagne, the name will improve with age (it has grown on me, but I’m what you might call “a little biased” :wink:)


I have to say, congratulations on the new app, it’s a lot of work to completely re-write something and get it closely working to the original, and give you’re self the ability to progress move forward (if the old system was a Ford Escort, no matter how many mods you make to it, it’s not going to win a F1 race) and generally impressed by the Roll out (not in public beta for 8 months), shame to see the Sufferfest name religated, but needs is needs

My only real comment is that in the last couple of days we are hearing that features, are on their way, will be doing in but no “at this time”

Like here with custom workouts

We have heard this about

  1. Custom workouts
  2. Outdoor workouts
  3. Pushing to head units
  4. Workout Analysis
  5. Calendar changes (the only reason to use TR is their calender)
  6. Additional content

All that makes sense (build you’re base, make sure it’s stable, start adding fitness … I mean features), but in some way it would be nice that rather than “in the future” you can’t do that “at this point”, it would just be nice to have some idea of the road map (I know that setting expectations in software development is dangerous) or how often you intend to do a software update (release cycle), Hammerhard promise a software update every 2 weeks, and although some are just bug fixes, it does add to the user by in (will I get a new feature , or will it just be bug fixes)

Also I wonder, how will you communicate this, the news section has disappeared on the new site

Sorry if that was a bit demanding, good work on the release, looking forward to seeing where it goes … even if it means I am doing a 4DP test this morning

(PS one feature I’d like is being able to specify days when asign a plan)


I really want to believe this , but kinda seems like the smoke has vanished from Mt. Sufferlandria :volcano: (Ref. Recharger).

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“Calendar changes (the only reason to use TR is their calender)”

Agree but I also love TR Trainow feature. Not folowing a plan but having a workout suggestion based on your previous workouts its great.
The calendar is now similar just missing the drag and drop options and getting all other workouts done outdoor and on other apps in there.

Also missing the ability in setting a plan to choose besides the volume the exact number of days and on wich days we want to train. Doing 5h a week is quiite different if you can spread it for 5 or 6 days or if you have only 2 or 3 days to train.
Besides that most of us also do outdoor group rides. I do that always on weekends so an integrated approach with only 2 or 3 workouts from tuesday to thursday leaving the weekend for outdoor unstructured workouts shoud be an option on the start of setting up a plan.


Yes very much agree with this. At the moment (still warm in UK at the moment) I am training outside using “cloned” sufferfest workouts from TrainerDay (free account) and pushing them to Training Peaks (free account) and then it gets to my Wahoo Elmnt Bolt. It would be great to have this done automatically so that it can end up on Wahoo headunit and then they would be properly graded for our own individual FTP/MAP/AC/NM (the ones on TrainderDay are only done from FTP as far as I can tell).


So far, I like the cleaner interface - much easier to find videos when you casually dip in for a session, and the ability to add them to the calender as individual sessions (not part of a plan). Especially the grid layout (thumbnail plus workout overlay). Really like the look of the pro rides section (a couple more women’s rides in there wouldn’t go amiss, as would some MTB action - Evie Richards worlds win maybe?)

Not sold on the insipid blue colour scheme, nor on the name, but I can put those to one side if the training works.

First workout last night - I’m an undemanding user (iPad, no mirroring, smart trainer) and everything just worked well.

Couple of improvements
It’s not easy to understand which platforms you are sharing workouts with. They used to be grey if sharing wasn’t enabled, but they are all bright colours now. Sharing with Garmin doesn’t work either - tried it a few times but no workout shared.
Which workouts do I have downloaded? No notifications or indications to show success
All icons on the left side have text underneath them - except profile…Would be eaiser to find this if the layout was consistent
The setup videos are great, but I don’t need to add them to my calendar as completed workouts :slight_smile:


Yeah that would be a great us of AI wouldn’t it, be able to specify that I do a group ride on a sunday, and a chain gang on a thursday, can train tues, wednesday and saturday … build me a plan


The new intro isn’t inspiring at all…. Abandon me was a great theme, the new one seems very bland. Glad you’ve kept the sufferfest outros though.


Like the rebranding. The term “Sufferfest” initially put me off trying, then I heard it included Yoga (which I also love) and then when I tried it found it all fantastic. I do love the tongue in cheek “sufferfest” stuff and glad you will keep it in, but even now when talking to other cyclists I always found the “sufferfest” title slightly offputting. I am more likely to talk louder to other cyclists that I am following the Systm training rather than “sufferfest”.

The app seems good so far, I appreciate that the main changes are look-and-feel so far (+ some new content) rather than features as such. I would like to have

  • the calendar sync to my “normal” outlook/google/apple calendar (to remind me when I look at work);
  • and, the ability to have workouts in my wahoo head unit so that I could choose to do them outside in the good weather (I am lucky in having nearly perfect flat route to do this on).

I think both of these will help engagement of people with the whole training program (and of course show better Wahoo integration).


So glad it’s not just me. Using page down on keyboard is driving me nuts to move down the screen instead of usual windows scroll bar


Frankly, my 2 cents if anyone cares, you guys are trying to compete with Zwift and the others on their home turf. Not by becoming a copy of Zwift, but by trying to aim at their customer base. Can’t blame you.
Apparently you came to the conclusion that Mt. Sufferlandria scares that customer base off, so even that name had to change. Again, can’t blame you.

So, do I understand it? Sure!

Do I think it will make you more “successful”, economically in the future? It probably will. You will lose a few who were here for the spirit more than anything. You will also not gain a few potential future customers. I personally convinced two to join you, and I did so by showing them Sufferlandria and all it has to offer. They would not have joined had you been “just another” training platform. But you will probably convince many more to join you, who were scared to visit Sufferlandria with the prospect of never being able to leave.

But, do I like it? After thinking about it for a few hours, clear No!
I like the new content, new features, all that. But the fact you took Sufferlandria more or less out of the equation? I feel like it will ruin a good portion of my personal experience here.

And do I believe you can keep up the Sufferlandrian spirit here? Sorry dudes, but to me it currently feels you’ve become afraid to even set our flag, because people might not be able to see the beauty in a person with blood in their eyes. No, I don’t think the Sufferlandrian spirit on this platform will survive this transformation.
The big mountain, come on!


My calendar / workout / plan -related roadmap would read:

  • Calendar UI needs sorting ASAP, specifically drag-and-drop and being able to reschedule multiple workouts and push out / refactor a plan due to missed days / life events etc. Period. Everyone knows this, including the dev’s, so hopeful this one is just around the corner.
  • Calendar sync / rss feed for viewing your upcoming training calendar elsewhere would seem to be a relatively simple and standalone feature to implement without rocking the boat, so again hopeful this will be seen sometime soon.
  • Syncing workouts and completed activities to/from other platforms seems the next logical progression - allowing workouts to completed cycling outside, also to some people more compelling would be run and swim workouts available on their watches, adding a bit more meat to the ambition of being the definitive platform for endurance athletes - and in turn seeing non-SYSTM activities imported would be the building block for…
  • Data driven fitness analytics, similar to TrainingPeaks, which only makes sense once ALL the data is there to analyse (both SYSTM and other platforms).
  • Finally some dynamic workouts / plans / rescheduling based on current fitness, previous workouts, availability etc.

Separately, from a technical standpoint, I feel the major omission is still a lack of support for elegant projecting from mobile to the big screen (ie. not just clunky mirroring), using AirPlay and ChromeCast. Get these two nailed (cross-platform, as done in lots of other media-focused apps) and a huge percentage of your user base will benefit (ie. that has a compatible mobile device and a TV setup that supports AirPlay or ChromeCast). I bet even the constant call for the elephant-in-the-room missing Apple TV app would reduce, slightly.


Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the vid to full screen??..not just the small box in the centre?

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@Christine-B Does this work for you?:

When you start a workout, open the settings and go to the display tab, then change from ‘Video crop: 16:9 Above Graph’ to ‘Video Crop: Scale to Fit’