🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀

Why didn’t support TvOS and Apple TV? I suspect wouldn’t have been much effort since you already support iPad, iPhone and both Intel and Silicon Macs


I guess that’s an ok compromise. The only problem is that it keeps your device screen on and is a bit laggy. It would have been great to the video on the big screen, even if the power metrics were on the small screen.

Love the new app though. This is not a complaint.

Apart from that I don’t like the name of the new app, the app looks fantastic. :crazy_face:

I’m a long waiting Android user and wondering why I cannot download any excercises.
It’d be very handy to be able to use the app in “offline” mode in case there is poor or no internet access.
Are you planning to eventually add this feature?

Or is the download button somewhere I didn’t see? :thinking:


as a long term Sufferlandrian I can sure relate to that, but going global imo pretty much limits the use of the old flag. I have one on display in my pain cave but wouldn’t dare to fly it anywhere outside cos it looks a lot like an old WW2 nazi flag which absolutely contradicts Sufferlandrian lore and culture. simply an historical issue, especially in Germany


I really like the look and feel of the new app. It feels fresh, clean and easy to navigate.
But most of all, I am looking forward to the new content in the app!

Currently I am halfway into a plan, should I just start a new 1 with the same end date to grab some of the new content??

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Next question … Where did the switch profile option go? we share a pc …


Think its a hardware limitation on the Apple TV… can only connect X amount of devices at a time…

Support had told me over the past couple weeks that the new app would allow me to pause or push workouts out X number of days if I had an interruption in my training plan.

As far as I can tell the new SYSTM app calendar is identical to the old Sufferfest calendar. I have 70 workouts that need to be moved but don’t want to spend an hour of my day moving each workout individually. How do I do a bulk move?


A few questions on the announcement and the updated features:

  1. Is the “new training plan wizard” mostly an update to only the front end, user-facing side of picking a plan? Or are there changes to the how the software selects workouts for your plan and/or selects workouts based on a user’s profile or goal? I realize the athlete’s job is to shut up and follow the plan, but this has always seemed to be a black box and I’m wondering if it is now a different black box, or mostly the same.

  2. Thank you for your comments about further improvements coming for the tracking and analytics. The badges are ok, but given how data-driven your users and all coaches are, there’s a lot more that could be done based on the difficulty of the workouts, heart rate, and even just tracking some kind of cumulative stress metric (e.g., CTL, though I guess that’s proprietary to TrainingPeaks).

  3. “In particular, by the end of the year, you’ll see all of your outside activities on your SYSTM calendar” I’d also love to see SYSTM activities on my outdoor calendar - please tell me that this is a bellybutton into outdoor workouts!

Great job on your first interval in the workout. Now, take your recovery and remember that it’s the following intervals that really build the fitness. Time to update the smarts behind tracking progression and proposing efforts.


Sorry, but I can’t stop snickering :slight_smile:
All the hype for 10 new videos and finally a decent calendar? I really have hoped the new app could become something that beats TR in terms of bringing together quality training and entertainment. But it’s essentially just a rebranding with 10 new vids.
SFFRFST would have been bad enough, but SYSTM? Really?


what do i download from app store to run on mac desktop?


Congrats! The workout selection interface is slick, and Android support is very welcome.

Does anyone know where The Sufferfest Norway workout went? It’s not listed in The Sufferfest library.


It’s under ProRides

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I couldn’t spot ProRides or A Week With… rides in training plans - is that intentional?

The On Location… rides do feature.

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A lot of good news, actually.
Good to know we are still Sufferlandrians, and I’m really looking forward to getting my workouts in my bike computer w/o reconstructing them in TP from scratch!!

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And surprisingly systm successfully recognized my account/subscription on the 1st try.
Expected some troubles, to be honest))

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It works on the Nvidia shield (sort off), sideloaded it from apkmirror.

Would be nice if a landscape mode was added in the interface (in the workout part it does work)

Will do a workout tomorrow to test it. (did today’s on Zwift this morning and still too tired from this weekend to do a second workout today)

Really hate the name :face_vomiting: (for me the rebrand was not needed at all)

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Ah it’s one of the Norway tours, huh


Thanks @gpsjared Reloaded the app and this is now fixed. It would still be very useful to see the 4DP focus graph on the workouts listing screen.

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