Wahoo SYSTM?

I understand that the new app is to be revealed later this morning. Not sure if this is related to that at all, but when I normally do a workout in The Sufferfest it uploads to Training Peaks in the format of “The Sufferfest- Name of Workout.” This morning it uploaded as “Wahoo SYSTM - Name of Workout.”

I hope that’s just some sort of name placeholder. Please don’t tell me the new app is going to be called Wahoo SYSTM.


Looks like Sufferfest name is gone ;(

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I don’t know. I really hope not. We shall see soon enough.

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The new Platform is called Wahoo SYSTM.
Sufferfest has it’s own section within that platform.

Wait until you see the app and all the new sections. If you liked Norway, for example, there is now an entire category just for those types of rides with a whole bunch of new content.

Sufferfest lives on, it’s just inside SYSTM and soon enough you won’t notice the change when it comes to loading the app (in terms of “missing” the name).


Ok. That sounds good. Thanks for clearing that up!

It’s really best to wait another 1:10 minutes for the formal announcement that @David.McQuillen.KoS promised in his previous post.

Then respond to that - otherwise we have no context to anything.


Good idea! I’ve got a lot to talk about. :slight_smile:


I really like the new interface. But where is the history of workouts? With the old app I often used “last time ridden” to choose next workouts. Is this function all gone, or will it come back when I start training using the new app?

PS: And a new function to compare workout with watt/heart rate/cadens would be great to :slight_smile:


Oh no… I don‘t use any Wahoo products. It should be a question of time until features will be quit on other smart trainers like Elite and Tacx.

At the moment, to see your workout history, you can go to the Calendar and then to the ‘list view’ to see a full list. We’ll be adding a proper workout history in the next couple of months. The ‘last time ridden’ detail on workouts isn’t there at the moment, but will be there in about a month or so.


No intention to do that. We will remain device agnostic.


We have designs for these and they’ll be implemented shortly - hang on for a little while and you’ll find last ridden/times ridden :slight_smile:

Another feature set for release in the soon time frame.

Until then, you’ll be able to refer to your Calendar to check your history (and I see @David.McQuillen.KoS beat me to all this…posting it anyway!)


There’s no value in intentionally limiting their market, though.
For every person who saw that as a reason to move to a Wahoo trainer, ten would just move to a different platform.
The best value for them is to be as hardware agnostic as possible (while trying to build the most enticing hardware possible)


Is there anyway to download session on Android app?
I can see the download option on my laptop but not on my phone :-/

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Not at the moment

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Any idea how to move the videos forwards of backwards on Android? I think I might be missing something :frowning:

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On the calendar? Click the three dots then re-schedule:

Sorry, when playing the video, how to move it forward or backwards by a couple of minutes

Scrolling thru cycling workouts I see all my fav SUF vids and others. But I’m not seeing IF ratings, just TSS and duration. Did we lose IF?