🚀 🚀 🚀 NEW VIDEO: The Model is LIVE! 🚀 🚀 🚀

Pssst. Don’t look now, but The Model now has a video. And this one is a stunner. Based on a brilliant workout by Sir @Coach.Neal.H, Sir @Francois-Wahoo - the artist who brought you Cobbler, Recharger and more - has created a true masterpiece.

It’s a different kind of Sufferfest. Fear not – all the PAIN, MISERY and AGONY is there. Don’t worry about that.

With a loose, creative yet minimal narrative, The Model intertwines both men’s and women’s footage in a captivating, ever-changing rhythm that literally keeps you on-the-rivet. Scenes change, designs change, characters change – and it’s all done lock-step with the beat of the music in a way that takes precision to a new level. I truly believe you’re going to love to hate this one – and several times at that.

From the description:

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And through the bleeding eyes of Sufferlandrians, what could possibly be more beautiful than the sharp, saw-tooth profile of the workout you see before you? Full of gorgeous, shapely, shimmering blocks of yellow MAP efforts interspersed with mercifully brief and slightly inadequate recoveries it’s a stunner.

But you know what’s even better looking than this alluring workout? You (after you’ve completed the workout, that is). Originally designed by our Head of Sports Science, Neal Henderson, for his professional athletes, The Model is a beautiful portrait of MAP power brutality. One of those sessions that you think you can’t finish, but always somehow do. It will leave you breathless, feeling all tingly, a bit confused and in a jibbering heap that is, in our eyes, quite fetching. It will also deliver a nice boost to your fitness that always looks, and feels, good.

A true love letter to the beauty of professional cycling, The Model features a banging soundtrack and thrilling footage from both the men’s and women’s pelotons. With its eclectic design, effects, and graphics, you’ll find yourself unable to tear your eyes away from the action on screen (when you can lift them from your stem, that is).


Did ‘The Model’ shortly after it was announced as part of ToS 2022. The Model…has an attitude. As part of ToS 2022…sinister.


“Bellisima!” Just finished The Model…That’s what I’m talking about!!! Amazing workout, soundtrack, race footage. More please??? This is SUF!! Repeat!!





Apparently Grunter is back from his sabbatical. Welcome back Sir von Agony. We missed you. This is proper, old-school suffering. I love it!


There’s a whole lotta rainbow right there!


So excited for The Model!! It could be the stage that tosses me off the tour, due to my MAP weakness combined with my schedule.
Bring it on! Thanks Sufferfest!


So what I learnt from this video:

  • It’s awesome
  • Sir @Coach.Neal.H is an evil genius / ba****d (delete as appropriate)
  • Sir @Francois-Wahoo is a brilliant creative
  • At it’s best SUF/SYSTM make the other training platforms look like garbage

Actually I already knew the last three points.

Thank you to everyone that helped create this workout - it’s definitely up there with the best.


The music and sound deserve an Oscar, that was awesome! Impressive how it gets you through it.

I love the commentary in the background, and the fact that it’s in English, Dutch/Flemish and French


Wow! I just completed The Model at 100% as Stage 4 of the Tour of Sufferlandria…

Awesome workout - brutally difficult, but just doable without exploding. Great story line, video montage and music.

Congratulations to the whole SYSTM team!



Today second time rode this workout. As announced: Love and hate it.

It will become one of my absolute favourites for sure. “… banging soundtrack and thrilling footage …” does not nearly descript how brilliant it is. The combination of all elements makes is impossible to quit, you must finish it. :wink:

Can only double this.



Great workout! Very energizing, top music and great footage. Only small remark is that kickr climb integration is only there during the first interval?
Will be become for sure a regular one for me!
Thanks a lot to all the people at SYSTM!


I did the Model today at 100%.

This is one of the few workouts where the music and the video actually motivated me.

Elements of Style really helped here – keeping my weight off my legs and generating power from my core.

Despite the grueling effort, my legs were not that fatigued afterwards. I am using power numbers updated from a HM a week or so ago. I was relatively “fresh” for every set, and always answered “yes” to myself when asked if I was ready for more.

An excellent workout, and a nice surprise since I did not do it, or look at it (except the description) before doing it.


I loved this. Coco chamois my favourite without a doubt.
I few of the erg power Changes were really late for me (suito user here) and dang near killed me.
Get me through it kept everything but FTP at 100% (ftp at eighty). I barely got through this. Max heart rate few times.
Look forward to doing this outside the tour and on a calmer day. In the past five minutes got news of someones passing so, at least There was a better reason to break down sobbing in the cooldown than The Model totally breaking me😜
Map weakness and I made it all the way without pausing, woohoo!


I think I was glad to be in the Get Me Through It as well but it is a great session that targets weak areas for me. The progressive Over / Under was a new concept for me and was feeling it at the end.


Didn’t ride the ToS, but was really looking forward to riding The Model, and I finally got round to it today.

Loved the look of the workout as I have a thing for short intense intervals - and this sure did not disappoint! Loved the workout, the footage, the story, the music, just everything about it. This is what I subscribe to Systm/Sufferfest for, simply this workout style. On location, prorides, no-vids, etc, all lovely garnish, but this is what it’s about for me.

I appreciate the work that goes into this is probably an awful lot more than the other styles of vid, but this is what I’m here for. More please!!! Even if the turnaround is slow, a couple of these types of workout a year will keep me coming back for more again and again!

Thanks to all those involved, top marks from me!


My sentiments exactly!


Isa, just seeing this now. So sorry to hear of your loss. Condolences to you and other loved ones.


Thank you for the kind words. Seems quite a few here had a rough week of it, I can’t really complain.