ANNOUNCING: The new Sufferlandrian National Team Kit

It’s about time, eh? See my other post explaining our new National identity to better understand the design of our new kit.

You can buy it here:
Please keep in mind that orders are batch processed on the 15th and 30th of each month and shipped 4-6 weeks later.



I love the new KoS kit and the socks, but I’m really sad about not having been able to get a Flag from the original design.

I’d be really appreciative of having a brand/size comparison post available. Those are some LONG lead times for the kit, and getting something that doesn’t fit right would be a huge issue once it finally gets to Honduras.

Thank you for your hard work, SUF Team!


I like the new kit design. It’s going to be hot riding around in it here in Las Vegas. But, at least I’ll be suffering it in, regardless. I’ll have to get a red one for the summer and the KOS one for posterity - because I damn well earned that one - and to use indoors and in the winter.

This will be great motivation to work off the winter holiday weight.


Just ordered my KOS jersey. When I save up some more coin I can get the red SUF jersey, too.

I can’t wait!

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Damn it, how do I decide which sleeve/body length?
I like long sleeve/legs because… aero, you know. But how long is too long? And what about the body length?

HELP, please !!!

Is the size chart (on the website, next to the jersey) not helping you? Maybe you will just go with one of the standard length?

By the way, is it a mistake or a stroke of pure genius: A KOS Jersey costs $1.000.000,00?!
Disclaimer: I am NOT a knight. Do you have to log in to your Wahoo account AND really be a knight to get the proper prices? If yes: I like it.

Of course this also means every millionaire can just pretend to be a knight… :crossed_swords:


@Pierre Your need to become a Knight. Then you will get a discount code and the jersey will be same price as SUF jersey.

Also, it doesn’t help with sleeve length…

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The coupon thing is a super cool idea. Thanks for the info.

Sorry I can’t be of any assistance when it comes to your sleeves.

I would also love a thread at some point on real world people with real world sizes.
Cycling kit is one of those things at such a price that it’s a nightmare if it’s a poor fit.
So I’d be happy to share sizing - and if/when I get mine and height/weight etc.

In my case it’s because the sizing charts (for me) are a bit different for Cuore. For example (in my country) for 3 decades I’ve been squarely Medium. Unless I carry on lockdown habits I’ll die that size too.

Sometimes brands have different cuts for things and if their chart says I should now be a Large or a Small then it becomes risky to buy. And I’d never heard of Cuore so I have no experience of them.

Just good commercial thinking to get a sense of sizing if $300 for a top and bibs is your annual allowance for cycling kit (or above that)

Knights pricing - that’s because it gets reduced at checkout if you’re a knight.

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I have the Wahoo version of this kit. Now, I’m 5’11/179cm and 178lbs/81kg. Normally, I tend to wear Large in both bibs and jersey. With this kit, as it’s race cut, I’ve got the XL jersey/base/gilet and they all fit great – snug, but not too snug. I have the Large bibs, but got the legs 2cm shorter than normal because I don’t like the trend in longer bib leg lengths.


Same hight here but lower weight. like it tight. @David.McQuillen.KoS
So I guess I can go with M as usual.
No so sure though about arm and leg length. I rather like the trend of longer tubes but what length is the standard???
And what throws me totally off is the torso length. No idea how to figure this out…

I have downloaded the size charts from the CUORE website
In their Fit Design is mentioned to have a regular fit (more loose), one size larger should be ordered


@dram66 thanks Frank. That helpful.

The one above (posted by @dram66) is linked directly on the website, next to the jersey, so I am pretty sure it should be accurate.

I’m 178cm / 70kg / 78cm inseam / 92cm hips / 96cm chest - and I will try my luck in (s) since I like it tight. I will report back.
I like the idea of a sizing topic, @Martin .

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Could someone please have Cuore provide a size chart with sensible units please? What is the thing about 1/12 of a foot? (And who’s foot btw?) Pounds I believe is a currency, that apparently is not related to the price of the kit. Makes no sense.



Thanks for sharing, I’m 185cm/6’ & 79kg/174lbs and was thinking Large. I want the race fit, do you think I should go for the XL? Dont worry I wont hold you personally responsible if it doesn’t fit, I’ll just blame Sir Neal!

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Cycling kits will be available only there and “normal” t-shirts and stuff via later?

Tad aggressive.
Here you go though.