Any Chicago-based Zwifters?

I’ve been happily using SYSTM/Sufferfest for the past three months and I’m currently following the ToS prep plan training 4-5 hours per week (including Strength and Mental Training modules).

It’s not that I’ve been getting tons of Zwift ads… or maybe it is. But I’m really tempted to try it out for the community aspect and to train (virtually) with other people–because, well, like so many others I have been in isolation for a long, long time. Plus, I woke up this morning and it was -3 deg F :cold_face: .

I’m very much a beginner cyclist (<3W/kg), but I’m wondering if there are any no-drop Zwift groups out there with regular weekly or bi-weekly rides. Preferably Chicago-based because I’d love to learn bunch riding once it warms up outside.

There are lots of Zwifters in Chicago. Do you ride with any groups during the year? I ride with Park Peloton, which was started by a member of Park Community Church. It’s like a small group on wheels. The reason I mention it is that many of our cyclists use Zwift, and they host no-drop rides regularly. We also do no drop rides IRL every Wednesday and Saturday morning during outdoor season.

Also, during the lock down in 2020, our group used zoom to do group rides, so we could see and talk with each other while doing our own personal training plans.

our group used zoom to do group rides

I hope you mean this was for virtual riding. I can’t imagine being on a video call while riding outdoors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any tips for how I can find groups near me? Spend more time at my LBS?

Here’s a link with a list of Chicago area training rides. It’s 2 years old, but if anything I’d suggest there are more than the ones listed here. Because I’m not on Zwift, I can’t tell you which of these offer Zwift rides. You could check their websites and find out.

Thank you!