Any experience with the Kinetic smart control trainers?

Just curious - don’t see much discussion. Can’t justify the cost of a smart trainer at the moment, but realized that the Kinetic smart control resistance units are only in the $300-400 range, so I could retrofit my old Rock&Roll trainer for about 1/2 of what I expected a smart trainer would be. Most of the reviews I see online are only talking about Zwift, so curious about any feedback from Sufferfest users.

FWIW, just getting back into riding after about a 3 year hiatus. Former long-term Sufferlandria resident, so just getting the pain cave set up in new house and going through all my gear to see what needs updating.

Bueler… Bueler… :). Guess that “not much discussion” continues :frowning:

Hey WT! Kinetic machines are few and far in between around here as you can see by your post.
I’ve been on a kinetic R1 for just over a year. Problems I’ve experienced with it are calibration issues that require a complete power cycling the unit to get it to cooperate and it being very loud though I know the smart road machine runs quieter.
Hopefully this helps…happy suffering

I’ve had a Kinetic Smart Control trainer for about 3 years. Stopped working properly after a few months. I went through all the troubleshooting on their website without success. It took multiple emails, calls and voicemails before I got a response. To make a long story short, the motor was defective and they replaced it. I continue to have issues with calibration. No connection problems with Sufferfest, but sluggish response in ERG mode so I end up using level mode most of the time.