Any physios out there?

I have recently noticed a “clunk” in my right knee whilst walking. No pain, no noise, just a ‘clunky’ feeling. There is no problem on the bike, just walking. I wonder if anyone would be willing to advise if I should book a physio check up? Thanks and don’t worry I’m not looking for a diagnosis on the cheap :grin:

Not sure what the diagnosis is but pretty sure a new bike would be the prescription :wink:


If biking isn’t a problem, then just bike more and walk less. :wink:


Do you have any prior history with knee issues?

My right knee “clunks” all the time due to a lack of ACL in it.

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Previous clicking but no major problems, my wife has anterior cruciate liagament problems and a lot of pain and locking problems. None of this for me. I did play rugby in the past, but no major problems, which is the reason for my asking, I don’t want to waste anyone time if it is not worth worrying about. As I’m 55 years old I know my body will be prone to aches and pains, but I also don’t want to make things worse if I can do something to make it different. :grin:

Frankly, if something has changed I’d get it checked out. How’s your flexibility and hamstrings in general? I’d further recommend yoga pre/post cycling.

I think you are probably right, poor hamstring flexibility as most cyclist I understand have. I do suffer with sciatica and in my previous job I was driving long distances which aggravated this. My current work does require a lot of desk bound work, so extrea yoga is probably a good suggestion. Thanks

If you have sciatica, strengthening your core muscles should probably also help.