App crash

I download workouts before doing them. Twice recently the SYSTM app stopped working and a dialog box gave me 2 choices, stop the video or ignore. The first time I clicked ignore, and the app stopped working. Today I clicked the option to stop the video, and completed the workout without video. Can someone advise me why this happened? I have been using Sufferfest/SYSTM for 6 years, and this did not happen before.

Have you contacted the minions?

I sometimes have this happen on my tablet if a vid is over an hour. It doesn’t crash fully but vid stops and dialogue box comes up. I’ve found if I press the button that shows you all current open apps and then press back on SYSTM it comes back up and video starts playing again without interruption in ride.
Hope that helps with your issue - minions couldn’t advise me and took a while to work out how to solve it myself.

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