Screen freezing

Hi, anyone having issues with the app i.e. freezing and disappearing videos? It happened about 5 times since I started using the Systm? Any help and guidance will be appreciated.


SYSTM suffers from streaming issues that the minions (support) are currently investigating. Please submit a support request. The more data they get the easier it might be to fix the problems:

Ideally save the workout even if it’s uncomplete. This way they might be able to look up on the server side what happened.


Here is the minion’s reply in this thread:

It’s what I got as reply to my second request. Their first one was the complete opposite. They tried to analyze the problem and even said that they’ve replace their streaming server.
Maybe one has only a single streaming problem report per month :wink:

Thanks @kah i have raised it with minions

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It seemed reasonable to link up the responses.