App Streaming Issues

Anyone else recently having trouble streaming with the app? I would occasionally have trouble with the old suffer fest app, but not like this. This last week, video has been stalling several times per workout and, when it actually plays back, is incredibly grainy/low-resolution. And it’s definitely not my internet connection: we have gigabit internet and its hardwired all the way to my computer. I’ve also checked download and upload speeds while the app is struggling to confirm the connection is fine.

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I encountered video/audio streaming trouble just this morning for the first time. The last couple sprints until the end of Mini Blender I had to do in silence :grin:. I do appreciate the developers have decoupled the timer and device connection from streaming, so I was able to finish the workout. Once I noticed I could keep going I just turned off video and music.

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I’m having uncharacteristic issues too, but only on the workouts in the ToS prep plan on its day. Everything else seems fine. I’m wondering if Wahoo has failed to adjust capacity to serve those given unusually concentrated demand. Perchance, might you have been turning to stream Blender today?

Ah, that would make sense. A good problem for Wahoo to have! I was riding Blender (Mini Version) this morning as part of the ToS prep plan.

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I just started having problems last week and have started downloading the videos in advance.

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Yes, I’ve had streaming issues recently. I did Rookie today and it was buffering for virtually 95% of the ride. It kicked in now and again I should have just turned it off (like Thomas did above) as it started getting more distracting than anything else. If it continues i’ll move to Zwift but i like this App more when it works that is!

It hasn’t sync’d to Strava yet either which is annoying.

Bummer. I really like The Rookie.

I’m having stall issues even with downloaded videos.