Starting year 3 with Systm

Welp, I joined Systm Jan '22 and just started my '24 training plan. I def like 4DP, the plans, and the workouts.

Not long after joining in '22, I encountered a number of problems with the workout player, and had a number of requests for changes/improvements to the workout player. Many in the forum agreed with those suggestions. Since then, RGT has come and gone, but the workout player is the same.

I still get video dropouts. I can stream 4K from any streaming service without issue, but Systm videos drop out.

Sensor pairing is still erratic. My first workout in many months and the app picked up the senors perfectly. A couple of workouts later, it wouldn’t find my HRM so I had to delete it and pair it again. A ride or two later, it decided to use my cadence/speed sensor for speed rather than Systm virtual speed which I had been using. I have no turning wheel for speed to sense. At the start of every workout, I need to check and fix the sensors. It isn’t that big of a deal, but these are issues I’ve never had with Zwift or Trainerroad.

I’ll post my player suggestions separately.


I always download load the videos, just in case. Are you using Ant+ or BT?

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  1. I always use downloads. Even though my connection is rock-solid there’s something up with the CDN for Wahoo that they inherited from The Sufferfest.
  2. I’ve had to reconnecty devices a few times, but not on a recurring basis. One thing I found that is 100% guaranteed to totally mess up connections is any sort of BTLE listening device, even if you are using ANT+ for devices. If at all possible, move your WiFi connection to 5GHz band. Normal WiFi will walk all over ANT+ and BTLE.
  3. Please continue to submit tickets with as much information as you can.

Although these may be extremely likely to mess up connections in SYSTM due to their legacy codebase, like Saddlesaur I have never experienced this to a remotely similar degree in any other training app or device.

Almost any time I finish or end a workout and try to start a new one or restart, SYSTM loses connectivity to Polar H9/H10 unless I close everything and reset.

Haven’t ever experienced this connectivity issue in any other training apps. Completely agree that SYSTM player seems far overdue for a refresh.


I agree that SYSTM is way more sensitive to interference than other applications. I’m hoping the “new” player will correct this issue as it’s been around for way too long.

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I use all ANT+ in Zwift, Trainerroad, etc. For Systm, I switched to BT for the trainer as there was noticeable latency using ANT+ that isn’t there in other apps.

I have an ANT+ dongle on a 3’ extension dangling below the trainer desk, not more than 3’ from any other the sensors and trainer.

IMO, having to download the videos beforehand is another complexity and impediment to just being able to jump on the trainer and go. N.G.


The download issue has been there for a long time as well. One thing that you didn’t mention is can you watch something like Netflix on full screen? We have issues here with sync loss and that’s definitely a network issue that there’s little we or them can do anything about.

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Yep. I did mention something like that in my post. I have high speed broadband in a suburb of Denver CO. No probs streaming anything incl 4K.

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Ok. Then it’s a CDN issue. Hopefully with the rumored new player this will be resolved.

had same problem here, all app closing, limiting BT devices didn´t work … finally Wahoo sent replacement KICKR twice. Since last “swap” no problem anymore at all. I recommend opening a ticket.

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Hey Saddlesaur, I just want to share my experience just sign up 2024, did my first cadence workout I notice that my cadence sensor was erratic it was either to low when I was cranking it out or to high when I was peddling to slow. after a few second it stabilize wondering if it had to do with the battery which I am planning to replaced. something I will keep my eye on .

Check and ensure that SYSTM is using your cadence sensor and not your trainer for cadence. Trainers estimate cadence by pedal power pulses, which can work OK with normal pedaling against some resistance, but not so well at very high cadences, low resistance and other edge cases.