Sorry but I have to rant!

Before I begin let me state very clearly, I am a huge fan of the Sufferfest videos and a big fan of the rest of the cycling vids. While I have not used the training plans personally, I trust the community that they are quality plans.

Here is the genesis of my issue. I have fair internet at best. Downstairs in my Pain Cave saying it was spotty is being kind. Half the time it drops out while I am riding. Not a big issue, it just shows ‘sync pending’ and I take my laptop upstairs and it will reconned and sync in 5-15 minutes. If I want to force the issue, I can restart my laptop and reload System. That sync is 4-6 minutes. That has worked fine for one or two videos…most of the time.

But I have a Knighthood attempt coming up, which as we all know is 10 videos. So, I reached out to support and asked if the app would/could hold 10 rides in ‘sync pending’ mode before I took my laptop upstairs.

Their first suggest, move my bike to a place with better internet. Great, why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, not an option.

Second suggestion, dual capture on my bike computer…which I don’t have. Even if I did, is this app so bad that support must recommend backing up their app with another platform because theirs is so bad?

Third suggestion, reach out to them if I am having problems. Brilliant! I asked how exactly I was going to do that without internet connectivity. NO reply.

So, their conclusion was, they have no idea if the app can or will hold 10 videos in ‘sync pending’ mode or if some/all of the rides will be lost. If lost, it’s like I never did them. The whole day for the single benefit of knowing I did it. Some value, I guess.

I can take my laptop upstairs after every ride and reboot, taking 4-6 minutes of stress hoping the sync happens in time. Then back downstairs, take another minute to reconnect everything and bask in the luxurious three-minute break I have left.

Sorry but I don’t think it is unreasonable for Wahoo to know what their app is going to do and more importantly, develop it to handle situations like this. It’s not like I am the first person to complain about sync issues or the first one to do a Knighthood attempt.

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Have you tried scheduling ten rides on your app, turning off your device’s wifi, and marking them complete? When you turn your wifi back on, you’ll see whether they sync.

If, on the day, something goes wrong, you can always take a photo of the completion screen of each event, with a date/time stamp. That could serve as a backup.


Another option is a wifi booster. Its basically just a plug and you can plug it into an extension cord and stick it halfway down the stairs.


Interesting ideas Alex. I am not sure the first is an accurate representation of the real life scenario. Holding multiple vids in sync mode briefly may not act the same was as for 11 hours.
Especially since Wahoo support doesn’t even have any idea what might happen. Also, what is there to sync if I didn’t do anything?

Now the picture idea is a good one. I was planning on getting a pic of each completed ride for social medial. I will see if I can figure out how to have them auto date stamped.


We tried one on the past with very poor to no results. It could have been the one I tried. Any recommendations on one that works? It would be worth trying just to have.


We have variable results with a cheap booster to be fair. I ended up forking out for a Google Net setup. It looks like one router plugged direct into the data plug, and then a couple of other router looking things plugged into normal power points. Not cheap but we have exceptional coverage now.


I have 4 weeks so I will see what I can find, including Google Net which I am currently unfamiliar with. Thanks again.

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Look up Google Nest Wifi Mesh. I am sure there are other brands that make a wifi mesh (sorry its a mesh not a net) but this is the one we have

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Got it, thanks.

Would a really long ethernet cable work? Perhaps not always, but for the quest? Might be cheaper than a full Google set up?

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Assuming the laptop has an ethernet port this seems like a good suggestion. The Ethernet limit is 90 meters so you should have scope. I keep a 20 meter Ethernet cable in one of my work bags and it’s made life a lot simpler on occasion when something unexpected happens at a clients house.

If the laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port, a USB/Ethernet adaptor is cheap and easy too.

I’d also look at powerline Wi-Fi extenders. At your router, you plug part 1 into a mains electric wall socket and connect it to the router via Ethernet cable. Then in your training area you plug in part 2 to a mains wall socket (doesn’t work over extension leads) - this part 2 can then offer a wired or wireless connection into your training area.

I use them to keep my work laptop off the home Wi-Fi, I get roughly the same upload and download speeds as a close Wi-Fi connection so they are very reliable.


I suspect the scenario you’ve outlined is one that support haven’t tested is all - and a good use of the community to help.

My instinct is there’s a straight forward solution to this (Alex has already replied to much the same effect).

Get all the videos downloaded in advance.

Switch off Wi-Fi
Go to pain cave
Run all ten videos without trying to do the pending sync thing (thereby removing that element of doubt from the equation - as to be honest I’ve no idea either without going and testing it)
Then leave Wi-Fi off until you’re back in the house and let all ten upload quite happily.

I’ve run videos away from connectivity.

If you want to, just for a laugh, do as Alex suggested to give yourself some comfort and go to the garage with Wi-Fi off. Leave a 15 min video running, let it finish, run another one, then go back to house and switch Wi-Fi on?

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@Martin and @AlexEllermann I understand the idea you are suggesting, just not sure how to execute the test. Downloading 10 rides - got it. Are you suggesting that I just let all ten run? If so, that will take half a day, but ok. Second, what exactly is there to sync if I didn’t actually do the ride? There will be no distance, power, speed or cadence, just the time the video ran.

Obvious question. Is storing and later syncing just the fact that the ride was completed the same as storing full ride data? I have no idea.

I’m pretty sure that either a Garmin Edge or a Wahoo Bolt/Roam can hold 10 hours of rides without a sync. If you dual record onto a bike computer to capturer exact times and “prove” you didn’t stop to rest in the middle of each workout and take pics of the completion screen, I think that should work.

Good luck!

A more general comment to join your rant: much of modern tech assumes hi speed internet. I have hi speed internet at my city home, but not so much at my house in the country. I don’t think tech companies recognize the size of the population that doesn’t really have decent internet. It makes it ridiculously hard to manage mobile phone software updates, app updates, or updates to a laptop/desktop in addition to undermining a bunch of normal things like sync’ing rides.


@AkaPete that was suggested, except I don’t have a bike computer. :frowning_face:

I don’t know, either.

I think the Google Mesh plan is your best bet. I use it and have great Wi-Fi throughout my house.

Maybe borrow a bike computer from a friend??

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m an anti-social bastard, don’t have any friends. My dog only tolerates me because I feed her. :angry: