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So this is a real basic question, where do I go to update my version of the app?
Every time I open the app recently it always asks me to restart, I am guess that means I need to update it.
Thanks for the help!
Sir Peter

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Click on file > about > check for updates. I think that’s right but off of the top of my head I can’t remember exactly. That’s for a Windows machine.

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Thanks @Ross! I will check it out.
Sir Peter

Links for the installers are on this page if you want to start afresh

If you see this, then it usually means that the app has downloaded a new version in the background, and you need to restart to be running the new version. It shouldn’t happen every time you run the app though, updates aren’t coming through that often.

On MacOS, I see the following dialog when a new version has been downloaded:

Then when I select the underlined ‘Action Needed’, I get:

Clicking ‘Restart’ launches the new version.

For MacOS, you can find the version by: “The Sufferfest” menu option -> “About The Sufferfest”

For Windows: Three line menu dropdown in top left of window -> “Help” -> “About”

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@way9e0 thanks. I always follow the restart instructions but it still seems like this is happening every day. I am running Windows and my device is only a year old so I am assuming that it is not the device. I am also a part of the beta test group so should I still be using the beta or just switch back to the regular app?

The beta versions frequently roll forward to the public release, which is currently 6.20 I believe. If you’re getting repeated restart requests then you’re probably best doing a clean install of the public version of the app (from link posted above). Anything beyond that should remain within the bowels of the Flogging Pit, ask there not here.