Easy way to see new updates?

Hi all
I don’t check the forum as regularly as I’d like so my question is this. In the testing app when a new version becomes available it would be really useful to know what the updates are in it? I find myself searching for changes. Thanks
Dame Tee


Yes, this would be good to have. It’s a pretty standard part of most software version releases.

If the minions wanted to go a step further, a quick summary of how it affects us would make it very easy to check, e.g. something along the lines of:

New workouts:
Specific workouts effected:
Bug fixes:
Platforms effected:

It would then take you about a second to see if the release is relevant for you and if there’s anything particularly exciting in there. The app already contains an About section which would be an obvious permanent location.

Just a thought,



It’s already there, but in Help, not About.