Apple TV app STILL missing

We have been repeatedly told that we do not need an Apple TV app. Here’s a hard reality. Since I got my free Zwift account due to the closure of RGT I have not used Wahoo X at all. Not once. Why? Because I love the simplicity of using Zwift on the Apple TV. My Zwift account lasts one year. Wahoo, you have one year to finally fix this or I will not be renewing my Wahoo X subscription.

At least fix proper AirPlay in the iOS apps if nothing else.

Stop telling us what we need or do not need and please listen to your subscribers.

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Hola, according to the recent interview Apple TV support is coming, though no timeline was given.

Can you point me in the direction where this has been stated? And I assume by Wahoo employees this has been communicated?


@natestreet - here here. I did not use SYSTM / Wahoo X either since RGT was closed, except for one stretching video which was available elsewhere for free. If you listen to the interview with the CEO he says it is “still coming”. I have no idea how long it will be “still coming” or how long it has been “still coming”. However, when my Wahoo X account came up for renewal, I cancelled. There is no point in someone saying it is “still coming” without actually doing it or giving a timeline. I hope that you are enjoying Zwift or Indie Velo or wherever you have gone. And I hope that someone at Wahoo takes note of your comment.

I disagree with the OP. I’ve never heard anyone say “you don’t need an Apple TV app”. If I’m wrong about that, please link to it.

I enjoy using SYSTM, which I run on a Mac laptop. I’ve also used it from my iPhone. I’ve also mirrored my screen to an Apple TV.

And I was able to get a good workout in. I’ve also used FullGaz on Apple TV. And I would love an Apple TV version of SYSTM. And I know it was promised years ago.

For now, I’m thankful that Wahoo survived their financial crisis. I look forward to seeing their improvements to SYSTM.

I’ll be happy to offer feature suggestions and feedback along the way. But I think making any demands is beyond my pay grade. They’ve made a lot of improvements since I loaded my first Sufferfest video, Rubber Glove, into TrainerRoad.

They will keep improving the app, they’ve proven that. And it’s also fairly certain that new features and platforms will take longer than any of us would like. We can all get impatient.

For me it’s worth the wait, especially since it is already the best cycling training app available. Where else would I go to get Wahoo X’s features. There’s nothing else like it.


I constantly see “Where is X” Well X takes resources. Some of those resources are extremely specific. It’s like the uproar about the Android app. Someone assumed it would be very easy to expand (Port) the existing app/player to that platform. It took years and the purchase of The Sufferfest by Wahoo to get it done. So, it make take more time to get to an Apple TV app. BTW, if memory serves me,it took five years or so to get an Android version.