Garmin and Apple TV

Newby here so forgive me if this has been covered before .
Signed up to wahoox for the main use of systm
1st - Apple TV has no support for Systm - win for zwift then ! Back to mirroring from iPhone oh the joys as it crashed first time I tried a workout .
2nd - I looked forward to a tailored / structured training plan - Oh no you can’t upload your Garmin workouts to your wahoo account - so not so structured based on my actual fitness then, it looks no Better than a generic training plan that’s not based on your actual fitness levels as not all my training is done using the wahoo kickr . Am I missing something here or is this just not fit for purpose .
Looks like I may not get past the 14 day free trial

It is based on actual fitness levels, you have to do the baked in fitness test (Full Frontal) or load in your sprint, 5min, 1min and FTP power numbers.
Unlike Zwift and other software, it also doesn’t base all intervals off your FTP. E.g. Zwift bases everything off % of FTP which is useless for me because it assumes that my sprint power is like something dumber like 200% of FTP. When it’s way way WAAAAY higher than that. I’m a sprinter. SYSTM actually takes your rider type into account which is ACE.

Also the plans are really good. They’re targeted to your goal, scaled to your fitness/power profile, include regular, in plan power tests to make sure it’s always appropriately scaled. Unlike Zwift, the plans set out the workouts for the week on a daily basis. You can shift these around in the calendar if needed to fit your schedule or sub in an outdoor ride. Unlike Trainer Road, they include adequate active recovery.

You can also take the workouts outdoors if you have a wahoo head unit. Other head units in the pipeline. I ride with a Garmin too…this is not like Strava/Training Peaks software where you import all your workouts to track training load, fatigue etc. But Zwift doesn’t do that either. Like Zwift doesn’t track outdoor workouts, you’re better off using Strava premium or Training Peaks or Intervals for this. For now. Systm DOES upload to Garmin Connect though, so you can also track your training load and fatigue there if that’s where you normally track it.

This community is really helpful and I’m sure others will be along to provide some better replies. The Wahoo team are on here regularly too, probably the only public forum where the company actually talks to and engages with the end user direct.


@Mark_Bell You can upload your workouts to RGT. Email to

There are hundreds of workouts on the SYSTM platform so check that out too as there is probably a match for what you are looking for.

Actually, work on Apple TV was stopped. There are rumors of support coming with a massive overhaul of SYSTM
The ability to integrate Garmin and Hammerhead is coming. Once the Wahoo family is ‘solid’ per reports. This is MUCH desired by the comunity, more than Apple TV support.

Hi! Can you elaborate a little bit more. You really got my interest!

Thank you for your replies

So basically Apple TV is one of the most simple ways of connecting to zwift and the big screen while also connecting my kickr hence why it’s so popular and something I have used flawlessly for some time now, given that wahoo has not made Apple TV a priority for the smooth transition from zwift to yahoo it means I’m going back to screen mirroring from my phone which is glitchy at best .

Secondly I understand that using my kickr and doing the full frontal test will give me a training plan suited to my fitness level as it receives all the data it needs . However this is not the case for my swimming and running so the training sessions given to me will not be based on my actual sessions because I cannot sync my Garmin devices over to the wahoo app .

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@Mark_Bell I have used an HDMI to lightning adapter when using a phone or iPad. I think it is better than screen mirror.

Yeah - not sure the status there. I know that they have work to do in those two areas.


I remembered I had one of those connectors from an projector so hooked it up and installed a WiFi booster in the pain cave and hey presto it worked a treat … completed the 4dp test flawlessly so thank you for that … I look forward to trying a structured plan .
Now just have to wait for the Garmin issue to work in sync also .
Thank you :ok_hand:t2:

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