Apple TV RGT

I updated the RGT app today on my Apple TV but it wouldnt open for me. I deleted it and installed again but still wouldnt open.

Ended up hopping on the Z instead. Is there an issue with Apple TV/RGT since the upgrade?

Any idea how to fix?


Saw on the RGT user’s support page on fb that you need to check that the ATV is updated to the latest version. Some folks thought it was automatically updated but theirs wasn’t.


Thanks, that sorted it alright after doing a manual update. My ATV was set to automatically update but hadn’t this time around

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:+1: always happy to help someone suffer.



No one likes to suffer alone! :rofl:

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Just ordered an Apple TV, interested to hear how well the RGT app works on it?! (Above hiccup aside of course :slight_smile: )

@aerobrain I have used the ATV a few times for RGT. It works well. The graphics aren’t at the highest setting like you would get on a gaming PC but they are good enough for me.

The ATV remote doesn’t work great with RGT I would recommend using the RGT companion app on your phone or iPad which will also allow you to use the radio feature.


Yeah I did think I may have to start using the companion app!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I’ve used it a few times before and its been good, I dont think the user interface is the best but the biggest stumbling block still is the number of users on RGT, if you do a race and there’s 2 other racers and 30 bots is not appealing. Hopefully this upgrade will bring more people into it and I’d hope that when we get to the tour that RGT can be used for some big group events to get things rolling. The remote is horrible though, even if you have to use it on other platforms that shall not be named so the companion app is a definite improvement on that side of things

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