RGT Windows App Not Working

Hey all,
Super stoked to have access to RGT now as well but the program does not work for me at all on Windows. I open the program, click on something, doesn’t matter what (menu, just ride, events etc) and the program locks up. I then get a “RGT Cycling is Not Responding” from Windows.

I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall.

Any one else having these issues?

Hi @Max_R ! Welcome!

I just installed RGT on Windows 11 this morning, and it’s working OK for me. It took me two goes to get logged in, but after that it’s been working OK for me. I haven’t yet tried an actual workout, but the app is responsive.

Try to connect again at some other times.

I have had that problem once or twice on Windows, but never on the iPad when I did some quick virtual riding this morning. There are lots of reasons why you could get that message, including thta the servers are being overwhelmed.

Are you running Win10/11?

Ya. Unfortunately I’ve tried multiple times (yesterday, throughout today) and seems to be the same issue every time.

@Rog-RGT_FacebookMod 11

App loads ok and you can login without any issues? But then your issues are happening in-app?

Wahoo RGT released a new update since the first one the other day. Perhaps try and install the file after downloading directly from RGT Cycling? Worth a try.

If you haven’t had any luck after re installing then I suggest contacting the Wahoo RGT support team. One way to do this is using the Feedback option in the menu in the app

The windows 11 seems to have some bits missing as default.
One of the regular RGT Users found this issue. It is different to the situation you are experiencing but may be worth investigating.

Hi all, I bought a new laptop at the weekend, which came with Windows 11. I discovered yesterday that my Ant+ dongle was no longer working, although the drivers were installed. And according to device manager it was working normally. But of wasn’t! After some googling, I found the .NET framework 3.5 wasn’t installed by default on Windows 11. Ant+ requires .NET framework 3.5, so I turned the feature on using the traditional control panel and turn Windows features on or off settings. Turned the .NET framework 3.5 on, which downloaded, and after restarting my laptop Ant+ now works. Apologies if this has been posted before, and hope it helps someone else.

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