2 RGT questions

I have been working towards my Knighthood since RGT was announced. Having completed that quest successfully (YEAH!) I am now looking at RGT. Planning on doing my first ride tonight. Having poked around a bit I do have two questions.

  1. On events that have a start time, what time zone is it? Given all it asked for was a country but no address, how can they adjust to my time?

  2. Is it possible to download a video or is it all live stream only?



I’ve been using https://rgtdb.com/ to find rides, and the time is always my local time (and the same in rgt itself), I suppose that if they have the time on the web server (say 13:00 EDT), and the event starts in 4 hours (17:00 EDT) and they get the time from your browser (19:00), they will know that the event starts in 4 hours, so that will be at 21:00 in your local time … just guessing though

Live stream only

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Well my first attempt at RGT was a FAIL…twice.

Having just finished my Knighthood on Sunday and taking two days off, I thought an easy recovery ride today would be a good way to get back to it. Having not done any of the Tasmania rides I thought Hobart City was in order and since I had a code for RGT, I would do the ride there.

I logged in, entered the code, and it added it to my list of rides, whatever they call that. I clicked on the ride and then Quick Ride and…ERROR MESSAGE. FAIL #1. It included a link to help site I presume. I clicked on it and it asked for my user name and login. I entered that and I get a message saying that is not correct. It works for Systm and to launch RGT, but not there.

So not wanting to mess with that and just wanting to get my ride in, I jump over to Systm and do the ride there.

After I am done, I take my laptop back upstairs and try again. Still no luck. So I click on Forgot Password to reset. I get a pop-up that says they are sending me a link to reset to my email address, which is correct. It’s been a half hour and still no email. And yes, I checked my spam folder. FAIL #2.

So I can’t run a workout and can’t access the help site. I know it is working fine for most, but a total failure for me.

Just checking: was this a Magic Road that you had imported into your library using a code?

What was the error when you tried to do the quick ride?

Congratulations!! :tada::champagne::balloon:


Your question assumes I fully understand the platform. I entered the code on the right half of the screen. The ride appeared at the top of the list above the search bar. I got an email that it was ready. I went to the home page where it appeared at the top.

Sorry, that’s all I have for you.

Thanks Sir Brian M.

Do you recall anything regarding the error message?

In terms of information to help explain the app (which I find can be a bit confusing in areas), there are some fairly useful pages on Wahoo’s support site:

Frustratingly a bunch of the images are missing as the links are for the old RGT support site. I have reported this to Wahoo support so hopefully those will get fixed soon.

In terms of Magic Roads, there is a summary here:

From what you have said, you did the right things and there was a bug or glitch that gave you the error message. If it happens again and you have a chance to record the error message (e.g. get a screenshot) then I recommend reporting it to support but also feel free to ask for help on here (or the Facebook RGT support group, which has a wider readership of RGT users).

If there are any particular things you want to do or try out them feel free to DM me and I can try and talk you through how to do them.

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First let me say I do not yet have any comfort with the UI. If I can ever get it to work, it might be great, but so far, my honest opinion is it it sheer crap! Here is my saga tonight.

  1. Started RGT
  2. In MENU chose MAGIC RIDES
  3. Typed the code for Tasmania Richmond
  4. It appeared at the top of YOUR MAGIC ROADS list
  5. Clicked on it and then QUICK RIDE
  7. I click on OK
  8. It takes me to the home page where it says the rides is starting in and a count down appears.
  9. I wait for the countdown to hit zero – that panel disappears.
  10. NOW WHAT? Contrary to what it says in step 6 above, there is NOTHING on this page where the ride appears…UNLESS, this isn’t the home page! So I click on MENU and then on HOME and yes, this is the home page. NO RIDE reference or link anywhere on this page.
  11. The second option from step 6 above is to find it on the EVENT REGISTERED PAGE. WHERE THE HELL IS THAT. If you click on the MENU, there is no link to any EVENT REGISTERED page.
  12. I try the EVENTS tab at the top. NO RIDE I JUST LOADED THERE. I try to click on YOUR EVENTS, nothing there at all. So I try the drop down on UPCOMING and surprise of surprises…there it is. Directions as clear a mud!
  13. So I go to the ride, start pedaling and NOTHING. Other riders start off and I am just doing a very long track stand. Clearly the program is not picking up my equipment.
  14. So let’s go back to equipment. Can’t do that from the ride. Can’t do anything but close the whole program down and start over.
  15. Reload the program and I get a popup that askes if I want to finish the ride I had started. Click NO and go to the MENU. Select EQUIPMENT.
  16. ERROR: RGT Website not responding.

At this point I have reached my frustration limit and just close the program and launch Systm. Having planned to ride this on RGT I didn’t download the ride so I just ran it off the web. So no internet issues that caused RGT EQUIPMENT to not load.

I will try again tomorrow. If it fails again, three strikes and RGT is out. It was the one reason I thought renewing in Aug for another year might be worth while. If that won’t run for me, I will let this expire and try the other platforms I have not yet trialed.

Just a thought for Wahoo, instead of buying up other platforms to gain user as you did with Sufferfest and RGT, how about gaining them by putting out the best platform you can? I have seen MANY suggestions on improvements, but almost no improvement to the platform. Again, just a thought.

Thanks for taking the time to write a comprehensive report - that helps.

In order to ride any event, the key menu is the Events menu that is visible from the main page of the RGT app. At the top of the screen, there are four text menu items: Menu, Just Ride, Events, Workouts. The Menu is for general configuration of stuff, Just ride is the way to ride on one of publicly available ‘Real Roads’, Events is how to look for upcoming events, and Workouts is… for workouts (and I rarely touch that so don’t know much about it!).

If it perhaps not as intuitive as it could be but when a red notification banner for an upcoming event shows on the homepage, you can click the “View” button to jump to the event page for that ride. The alternative is to click on the Events option in the top menu bar and then select “Registered” in the selection beside “Your Events” on the left hand side. I have artistically and elegantly illustrated this in the screenshot below.

You can the select the relevant event. Once the RGT server is ready to let you join the event then you can click the Ride now button and join the event.

The overview from ~2:03 onwards in this video might be useful in case my description is not clear: Magic Roads - YouTube

Once you’ve found your way around the menus a couple of times then hopefully it will all feel a bit easier.

The second key issue - and personally I find this aspect of RGT bit annoying - is that it doesn’t seem to pick up the sensors (turbo, heart rate, etc) without you opening up the sensors menu once you have joined an event. So, as soon as you join an event, you need to select the Menu option (bottom left), select Sensors, and then check that power etc is being registered. (You can also load the sensors menu before you join an event if you want by using the Menu option (top left) and the choosing Sensors).

The first time you use RGT, you may need to check that the sensors are toggled on (see this video for more info Connecting your equipment on Wahoo RGT - YouTube) but once you have done that once, it seems that all you need to do is load the sensors screen and then RGT will ‘wake up’ and look for the sensors you previously had connected. I find this a little counter-intuitive but now I am in the habit of loading the sensors screen as soon as I join an event, it works smoothly for me.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ping me if you have other questions.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention: The ‘Equipment’ menu option is just for changing the in-game equipment your avatar uses (bike, helmet, shades, etc). NB: The bike makes no difference to performance - it is purely cosmetic.

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@Critmark Here is a picture of what I am seeing at step 8 on iOS iPad:

There is a pink banner with a button to view the upcoming ride. I click that banner and come to this page:

I then waited for the Ride Now button to activate and then selected it. From there the countdown timer continues until it tells me to start pedaling. I wasn’t on my bike for this test so the rest of the riders left without me.

I hope that helps solve the issue that you are having and if not let us know if you continue having issues.


@JSampson thank you, this is very helpful. I actually did that the very first time I tried to use the program. I went to this page, the ride now button appeared, and I clicked it…many times. Nothing happened. I didn’t know, until now, that I still had to wait for the countdown. Silly me for thinking that a button that said RIDE NOW would let you start the RIDE NOW.

Again, poor directions. Here is exactly what the instructions on the Tasmania rides say about how to do a ride on RGT.

Select Menu > Magic Roads in the Wahoo RGT Cycling app
Type the Magic Road ID above in the Search Box on the right of the Magic Roads screen
The route should appear in your library
Select the Route, click the QUICK RIDE button and you’ll be able to ride the route within five minutes (RGT will create an ‘event’ that you can even invite friends to ride with you).

I understand now that (a) there is nuance to the instructions above and (b) there are other things you need to know and do to actually get to the ride.

I spend my days as a Chief Administrative Office for a fintech company. One of my jobs is to create detailed instructions on every procedure we do. The simplest are at least 30 steps, the more complex well over 100. And each step may have up to 10 lines of instruction. But when I am done and the primary stakeholder has reviewed and approved, we can hand those instructions to anyone and they can do whatever needs to be done quickly, efficiently and almost always without questions.

Now you might say this is overkill for a cycling app, but I would disagree for two reasons. First, everybody comes to a platform for the first time with their own level of familiarity and experience. Some need nothing and some need to be led step-by-step. Second, they are not that difficult for a platform like this and they only have to be done once. Then all that needs to be done is to update when there are changes and keep the library where it can be easily accessed, like here on this forum.

Again, thanks for the assist, hopefully I can get it to work today. Assuming it will recognize my equipment.

@Robin-RGT-FB-mod thanks for the info but I am not at all clear from your post on how I am supposed to connect my bike to the app (I thought I had it but when I tried to ride I got nothing) and what the difference is between the Sensor tab and the Equipment tab in the menu are.

As I said in my post to @JSampson, everyone comes to a new platform with different levels of experience and knowledge with these types of apps. RGT may be intuitive to some, but as I have stated before, about as clear as mud to me.

Any help here? TIA,

Having really detailed and clear instructions available would be good. The ones on the Wahoo support site are fairly good but the current lack of images hamstrings them a bit. That is getting fixed, which is good. Perhaps a links to that site from within the app would be good - what do you think?

The Equipment menu is nothing to do with your real-world turbo or exercise bike - it is just cosmetic stuff about what bike it looks like your avatar is riding.

The Sensors menu is the one you need to use to get your devices (eg turbo and heart rate monitor) connected.

Did that YouTube video help explain how to connect your turbo/other devices? Is there anything in particular that wasn’t clear.

In short:
You need to go to the Sensors menu and to make sure that you have got one option selected for each of Cadence, Power and Control. For example, see this image from the Stages website:. https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.freshdesk.com/data/helpdesk/attachments/production/11081154450/original/Wazz4kl6gbPP83CQ3umLTmO5KI7q4idEpg.png?1640034157

The number of rows in the list on the Sensors screen will depend on what devices you have and what connection methods they provide (eg Bluetooth and ANT+).

The Wahoo support site has written instructions (missing images at the moment): https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4855402702866-Pairing-with-Bluetooth

If those written instructions and the video don’t help you then if you take a screenshot of what you see on the sensors menu then I can try and help.


@Critmark I don’t disagree with your comments on the interface and instructions and know that there is work being done to better coordinate the two programs. To the extent that it is helpful, here is what I have discovered:

  1. Select menu and then Sensors
  2. Ignore equipment for now - it just relates to the cosmetic look of your avatar.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth LE and the software will scan for your trainer. Once it connects, toggle on Control and that will also automatically toggle on Power and Cadence. Note that you will now be in the equivalent of level mode in SYSTM where you need to change gears to control resistance. However, there is a bit of a difference as RGT does compensate for hills and rider weight to give more of a real road feel.
  4. If you have a heart rate sensor you can connect that as well.

Here is a picture of the setup:

From there you should be ready to go if you are just riding.

However, if you decide to do a workout in RGT - eg. Richmond - also turn on ERG mode. ERG works the same as it does in SYSTM.

There is also a toggle for target power - I have not used that but my understanding it that toggle provides a way to adjust the intensity.

Note that RGT has not yet been adapted to 4DP so if your personal metrics deviate from the norm you may feel some difference between your riding on RGT and SYSTM.


@JSampson again, very helpful. I will try to get it all set up well before my ride. This assumes that once setup in Sensors, I don’t need to do it again every time. Is that correct?

If I do want to do a ride in ERG mode, I see where that is. Again, that will not impact the Sensor connections, I assume.

Since it only asked for FTP, I assumed it only used that for any adjustments it might make.

Much Appreciated!

UPDATE: thanks to all the help here I did get it to work, but not as it was intended.

I threw a HRM on and it picked that up immediately. It also showed two items call FITNESS EQUIPMENT but my Kickr bike did not appear. I waited less than 10 seconds and it popped up. I clicked on the Power slide bar and the three all slid to the right and green per the picture above. I went to JUST RIDE and NOTHING.

So on a lark I went back to Sensors and unclicked the Kickr bike and clicked on the FITNESS EQUIPMENT. Tried a ride again and that worked.

Apparently the program picked up the bike immediately as Fitness Equipment (twice) and then again as Kickr, but would only work with one of the Fitness Equipment selections. I don’t think that is how it is supposed to work and it is not like the picture above.

The pic above shows only the Wahoo Kickr bike. Mine showed the HRM at the top, which is only because I chose to connect it, Fitness Equipment twice and then my Kickr bike. Only one of the Fitness Equipment options will actually work. The second Fitness Equipment and the Kickr bike are just to confuse matters apparently.

I did my first ride, well 40% of my first ride, before I had to bail. That was the result of three issues:

  1. The heat. It was over 90 degrees. I sweat a lot anyway, but this was brutal.
  2. Very bad ride selection. I did Tasmania: Cygnet Coast Road which has a lot of up and down. I was slow in the transitions just getting used to the format and cues plus the repeated climbs is my most glaring weakness.
  3. My ego. It looked like there were two e-teams riding with me. Half of each were clearly to fast for me. Then there were two that I was trying to keep up with and then a small slower group. Trying to keep up with those two kept me way to much at 20-30% above FTP. Burned me out.

Then one question. When I stopped and tried to end the ride, it just kept dumping me back in the ride, standing on the side of the road. I had to close the program to get out of the ride. Consequently, when I went back into the program after my shower, the ride stats had me riding for 52 minutes, over twice as long as I actually did, but the distance was correct at 7 miles. So it had me not moving and not pedaling for over a half hour. So the only stats that are correct are the Max power and Max speed. My average power calculated out at just 81 watts and average speed at 8 MPH with an average cadence of 42. Totally worthless.

Is there no way to get your actual stats if you quit a ride early? Please tell me there is and how to do that.

Well here is something interesting. When I loaded it to Strava, it just loaded what I did before I ended the ride. 22:12 minutes and not 52:00 that RGT shows, average speed 18.8mph not 8.0mph etc. It didn’t show all the stats detail that appear when a ride from Systm is loaded, but at least what it had was accurate.

Question: When a ride is uploaded to Strava from RGT is it just a small set of overview stats or was that because I ended the ride early?

I am glad that you’ve got things working. Hopefully it will all be a lot easier now you getting used to the software.

One thing to note: you shouldn’t need to reconfigure the sensors again (eg selecting the Power, Control or Cadence sliders) but sometimes it seems that you do need to open the Sensors menu just to ‘wake up’ RGT and persuade it to check for the devices. That seems to be the case on Apple TV that I used. I always open then Senors menu as soon as I start an event to check that things connect so I don’t get a surprise once the timer reaches zero and everyone rides off… Well, my legs often get a surprise due to my disorganisation, lack of warm up and lack of fitness, but that it a separate issue.

The reason for multiple entries for your Kickr bike is because it offers multiple connection options via Bluetooth and ANT+. As long as you have found one that works then that’s great.

To finish a ride you need to select Menu, End ride and then Yes.

Once you click the Yes then that should take you out of the ride.

It should be the case that the full info - just like an outdoor ride - gets exported to Strava whenever you finish the ride.