My 'cyclist' on RGT coming to a stop

I have had a few times while riding RGT, that my cyclist stops pedaling, cadence and power drop to zero. I am still pedaling however. After 15 - 30 seconds the cadence and power come back.

Tonight it did that twice before dropping out and my ‘cyclist’ came to a stop. I am assuming this is due to my internet connection dropping off, or at least drifting away. Is that a good assumption? If that is not the cause, any ideas what it might be?

I am hopping it is because next week I am dropping my 100Mb cable internet for 1Gb fiber with 2 eero Pro 6 extenders.

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Yep, happened to me on the AWT ride. Bit of a bugger as we’re having a nice chat.

Also, on the subject of RGT, my Apple TV version has way less detail than the iOS version (which I can mirror from to ATV) is that right or have I missed a setting? Probably a PICNIC - Problem In Chair, Not In Computer!)

My memory is fuzzy but I think it could be a network connection problem or a problem with the ANT+ or Bluetooth connection. Hopefully for you it is the network and it’ll be sorted with your upgrade!

The support pages are worth a read if this happens more.

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An Apple TV cannot manage as high a level of detail as a powerful PC or Mac. There is a setting for the detail level so you can have some control, albeit compromising the frame rate at higher levels. During a ride go to Menu > Options.

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I had that issue in the past - in the end I found out it was due to a faulty adapter that I was plugging my Ant+ adapter into.

What’s your hardware setup like at the moment?

I have a dedicated Windows 10 laptop. I wiped it clean so there is nothing on it but cycling (RGT) and a browser for Systm. The bike (Wahoo Kickr) connects directly to the laptop via the built in bluetooth. My HRM connects via Ant+ adapter. Pretty straight forward.

I used to have this exact problem when I had a Tacx Flux S. I put a mirror next to it and you could see that the Ble had stopped flashing.
My Ble was via a dongle about 8 feet away.
I put that on an extension lead 2 feet from the trainer and that solved it :slightly_smiling_face:.
Since then I moved to a Kickr V5 which has better Bluetooth :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have any other Bluetooth devices connected nearby (headphones, speaker, keyboard etc.)? There’s a small chance interference with another device could be causing issues.

No, nothing. My bike is in the garage and the only other blue tooth devices are in my office which is upstairs at the back of the house.

Hi, I just wondered if you were still having this problem?