Apple TV

Is there going to be an Apple TV app…?


Good question, It is of no use to me unless on ATV. I use my kickr core on Fulgaz, RGT, and even Zw£ft using ATV. Why not this?

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Actually, it doesn’t even have to be full SYSTM app, a Screen app for ATV would do the trick. But it boils down to: priorities, limited resources and somebody to make a decision that Apple tv is the focus now.

hi Luka

anything new on the Apple TV app, please



The Apple TV (lack of) compatibility is the only thing holding me back to sign up for Systm again for coming winter (Android TV would be fine to, I also have an Nvidia Shield which would to the trick)

The training plans in Zwift aren’t as good as the ones in Systm, so I’d prefer Systm but it has to be compatible with my hardware.

Not sure if this helps but rgt has an Apple TV native app and you can load your workouts that was but obviously no video on rgt

Hey Sir @TLa I’ve been with SUF/SYSTM since late 2015. Screen Mirroring from my MacBook or iPhone to appletv has always worked very well for me and saves me from using that stupid ATV remote. I almost always use my MacBook and I’ve got a bluetooth remote app on my phone that allows me to control my Mac should I ever need to pause, I mean ummm, rewind to repeat a particularly hard interval or increase the intensity :wink:

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I don’t like hauling anything around, the Apple TV (and Nvidia Shield) are dedicated to the training setup.

So using the Apple TV (like I do for Zwift and now RGT) would be ideal. Else I have to cast from my smartphone to the Shield (has Chromecast built-in) but that doesn’t work 100% (I tried sideloading Systm to the Shield but that doesn’t work 100% either)

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