Apple TV equipment setup question

Systm app for Apple Tv is not coming soon.

What kind of setup is best for Systm?
I now use systm app on my iphone, which is airplayed wirelessly to apple TV (4th gen).
Apple tv is hooked with hdmi to the TV (through HUE sync box).
From Apple tv I send the audio with airplay/wirelessly to a sonos sound system.

The setup works sometimes, but often the audio doesnt come out from apple tv, but is routed out from the tv.

I have been wondering what would be the next thing to get for getting it to work flawlessly.
Is it 1. a new 5th gen Apple Tv with better wifi and chip. 2. Hooking up the apple tv with ethernet to a router. 3. A sonos roam, which I hook up with optical cable to apple tv. (then the roam sends the audio signal to rest of the sonos system) 4. Something else?

The only way I have found to have the videos play fullscreen on a big TV is to to use a HDMI cable from my MacBook Pro straight to the TV.

I have tried:

  • iPhone to Apple TV (screen mirroring)
  • iPhone lightning-HDMI to TV (wired connection)
  • MacBook pro to Apple TV (screen mirroring)

However none of the above methods give full screen video. What you end up with is black bars on the side and/or above the video. (No matter what setting you use in the app or on your TV)

Only HDMI from a MacBook gives you full screen video, and once you see the video in full screen you can’t go back.

There are three things Wahoo could do to help:

  • create an Apple TV App
  • update the iPhone SYSTM app to support full screen video via direct HDMI (many apps support this but not SYSTM)
  • update the iPhone app to support Airplay

It would be great to hear from someone at wahoo and understand if there is a plan to address the lack of full screen video on TVs. This is a very common setup for pain caves.


I am still screen mirroring from a Gen 2 ATV, but it is becoming increasingly more maddening when it glitches and may get a Gen 4. Does the Gen 4 have any glitching when screen mirroring from your Iphone?

@Jursi the best way i have found to use apple tv / sonos is as follows:

  1. hook your sonos speaker to your apple tv in settings (apple tv / settings / video and audio / audio output / temporary audio output / select - sonos speaker) - if you menu up you can also add you TV speakers too (but this after you selct the sonos speaker) - it will then read sonos+TV at the top of the screen. quit settings.
  2. now airplay your iphone/ipad with the wahoo systm app playing to your apple tv.
    you should now have app playing on TV and sound coming out of both tv speakers and sonos.
    I run this on my apple tv (4th gen) and ikea symfonisk speaker, broadcast from iPhone and works perfectly everytime.
    hope this helps