Apple Watch Heart Rate via Watch Link

Just wanted to share that I have had success using the Watch Link pod/app to use the heart rate from my Apple Watch directly and in real-time in the Systm app.

While not getting ride of a device (strap on chest becomes pod velcro’d to bike) it is one less thing I need to worry about when jumping on the bike.

Anyone else using it with success?


Cheers for sharing, I may have to have a look into this! The turbo is currently the final place where I still use a strap typically and actually from my experience the place where wrist based sensors are most accurate. So this could be very handy :slight_smile:

Doh! I misread, thought it was just an app. Pretty expensive dongle :-/

Agree on it being pricey but my Tickr X just crapped out with a broken battery cover that cannot be replaced without 3D printing one yourself, which is not my jam.

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Yeah that’s fair enough! I just wish Apple Apple weren’t so closed :slight_smile: no technical reason they can’t just have a BTLE broadcast option, but I think that’ll be wishful thinking they’d add it :slight_smile: