Apple Watch App

I know people are still waiting for an android app, which is in testing, and at some point there will be an apple tv app, but my question is: Did the idea for an Apple Watch App ever come up?

I am thinking of a companion app, not to do my workouts on a tiny screen. :slight_smile:

Checking my calendar and passport with last activities would be cool.

Would also be good for the running and swimming workouts for the multisport plans


I would also like to be able to use my Apple watch as a heart rate monitor.


I demand! I demand! :partying_face:
I realize just wishing for something is no way to go.

This is why I am working on a concept. Stay tuned (and be patient with me). Who knows, maybe I even learn something along the way.

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OMG man, haven’t you noticed how hard it is just for us to get Android out the door? :slight_smile:


Haha, no worries @David.McQuillen.KoS , I noticed. :slight_smile: I hope you know I am not really demanding anything - just mocking myself.

We have all the time in the world, and I understand there are a lot of more important features to implement. Hell, even I want to see many other things much more than a watch app.

I have nothing to do than just wait for all of you guys to do the work - and an amazing job.
In the meantime, I am looking for something to pass the time and get busy with. Trying to figure out how to get more SUF into my life.

If you have an idea how I can use my time in the suffer-verse in a better way, hit me up. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed for the Apple TV app :pray:


You won the internet today with that one! ::confetti_ball:


This would be great, please add.

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My girlfriend and I both use our Apple Watches as our heart rate monitors on Zwift. I’m not interested in buying other monitors just for Sufferfest. When this functionality is available in Sufferfest, I’ll consider switching, but until then, we’re sticking with Zwift.

FYI if anyone wants to use their Apple Watch as a HR monitor with SUF, there’s a way to do it using the North Pole Engineering heartbeatz device, which essentially connects to your watch and rebroadcasts HR as ANT+ (and I think BLE too). Works great, and also works with my bike computer so I can go ride outside without a HR strap.


What hardware are you running your Sufferfest app on?

You can use a free app called Heartcast via your iPhone to have your apple watch as HRM for SUF on iPad…

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An idea I’ve mentioned before but would be super easy & I really don’t know why you haven’t done it. The Wahoo android and iOS apps can already use the “double tap” function of the Wahoo TICKR X. I use it to insert laps in workouts but you can also change the music etc. Just ask their developers for the code and copy it. You’d need to translate it for Windows and Mac but it’d be really useful to be able to be able to pause workouts etc. There’s even indoor cycling cadence. And they’d sell more HRM.

If we could play the videos on a tiny screen I could mount on my stem, then maybe I could actually see an entire Sufferfest video!

The second half of the videos always sounds interesting… :grin:


If you follow a plan they often have reduced workouts & you get to see what actually happens. Sometimes it is quite a revelation.

I’ve done 9H three times before the TOS including as the second video of my KOS, and yet most of the video still seemed new to me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I use my iPhone to Mirror to the AppleTV and it’s pretty sweet!!

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yes. I do that with Zwift and it’s good value to need one less sensor to put on, wash afterwards and hang to dry… it believe it will require the iOS app to function as a companion app.