Apple Watch as HRM with Sufferfest

I know there is interest in Apple Watch as a HRM but there is no direct support for this yet - but this is working for me now with the NPE heartbeartz adapter. Sufferfest recognizes this as a BLE sensor for HRM. I have two rides with it so far, the first had a lot of dropouts but I put this down to some interference, the second had no dropouts at all ( I moved the adapter further away from watch/computer and turned off my phone).


Has there been any developments on the use of an Apple Watch as HRM? I am considering them but it does not seem to natively broadcast but there are some third party apps that claim to do that and I am trying not to increase the complexity by adding additional devices. Wondering if anyone has had any luck.


I’m not aware of any updates on an official SYSTM implementation. Regarding apps that claim to broadcast HR from Apple Watch. I tried a bunch and none worked. The NPE Heartbeatz works great though. It’s seamless when using ANT+. When using BT, you need to keep the phone app running or it has dropouts - at least for me.

Heart Rate broadcasting in both ANT+ & BLE.
I’ve had zero issues on both iOS, Windows, Garmin, and Karoo 1+2 units.
IMG_3711 (Phone)

That’s genius! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself!

I’m surprised NPE don’t advertise it.
I already had CABLE, and since heartbeatz transmits HR in ANT+, I said surely CABLE will see the HR signature and convert it to BLE?
Worth a try, right.
And yes, Ive been testing it across all devices, platforms, applications etc. and I’ve had zero issues, no dropouts etc.
HR transmits flawlessly in both ANT+ and BLE. No more cold heart rate monitor straps first thing in the morning :smiley:, and you can continue to use the Apple Watch for every other use whilst the complication is running in the background.

I found this to be annoying too since I don’t want to increase the number of devices/gadgets I already have while biking. I use SYSTM on my iPad and usually have my iPhone around too, so I tested the ECHO Heart Rate app. Once installed and running on the iPhone and Apple Watch, my HR is broadcast from my iPhone to the iPad, and I’ve found it to be very reliable and stable. The app can run in the background on the iPhone, or even while the phone is sleeping. Had to pay CAD$21 for the pro version to get rid of the 20 min use limit, but I think that’s cheaper than the NPE Heartbeatz which I also considered getting.

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Even better again. Nice find. Thanks for sharing

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