Arterial Fibrilation and 4DP test —> training

I’m 55, always did sports (cycling, tennis, kitesurf,etc,… ) last year I developed Afib. Was put under medication: bètablokker, anti arithmetic and an anticoagulant. Had lots of troubles with the bètablokker. Couldn’t have a heart rate over 130 anymore, being tired and other complaints. This year in February I had a cryo-ablation that was successful. Have had a 3 months cardiorevalidation. But always with a HF under 140. The cardiologist said that that was the best way of training, staying under 135-140 as an aerobic training. But I could go higher for short periods of time. I want to loose some weight and get more fit. That with using structured work-outs.
I want to take the 4DP test to evaluate my condition.
Question: the results I’ll get, will they be ok to exercise with? Will the zones be to high to work-out in? For example to much in Zone 4… Aren’t they to high to stay save? I don’t want to get those A-fibs back. Will a training program from sufferfest be to hard? If so, how can I adapt it?
Perhaps there are people with the same condition. How do you handle this?


Hi @JoannesVS I think you’d seriously need to consult your doctor or specialist before starting. Most of the harder sessions on here would push your HR over 140 quite easily. The only way you could do them is to drop the intensity down so that your not having to ramp up the HR when you do a harder 10 second to 20 minute effort. @Coach.Neal.H might be able to help but I’d seriously consult your Dr first and ask their advice. I don’t think anyone on here could really give you the advice you really need because we don’t know the exact details of everything you’ve been though. Only your Doctor can advice you and anything which could spike your heart rate not only over 140 bpm but perhaps even higher you’d really need to be very very careful.

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I’ve consulted my cardiologist and he said I could do everything. The surgeon that did the procedure said the same. The cardiologist where I did the 3 months rehab said to exercise mostly aerobic, because I could develop Afib again…
I don’t have to take any of the former medication. Only a Sartan for my high blood pressure. I have to loos weight. (92 kg for 1.80m) 85kg will be my first goal.
Tuesday I did the half monty test. But my Tacx vortex wasn’t calibrated good. So the watts were to low, because there was to much pressure on the tire.
But my average heart rate was 136
Max HR 167
CTHR 152

I will do the test again or the 4DP this week. I bought myself a new wahoo Core.
Or do I adapt the results manually with a few heartbeats less?

Again I’m not medically qualified or professionally qualified to give that answer and I’d hate to say anything which could cause something to happen. Hopefully people who are better qualified than me on here can give you a better answer about what HR or Power your training at.

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Hey @JoannesVS - Maybe you could find a Cardiologist that’s also a cyclist? Someone to do a consult with that might “get” these training programs better than an average doctor?

I’m on a drug that puts a ceiling on my heart rate. For whatever that’s worth, I still take the zones as a perceived effort, even though I’m usually between 120-130 most of the time out of zone 1. I can’t get above 130, and that’s okay.


Thank you Dan,

I had the same problems with bètablokkers. Hf 130 was almost the max I couldn’t put out more.
And that ‘s not talking about the other ‘male’ problems.

Just have to try and we’ll see.

Other people with experiences with Afib? How do you manage training?

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I’m sort of in the same situation but 48 now (46 when I was in the ER with AFib). Strava suggests my max HR used to be 165-170. and now I can’t really get above 150, even on something like Alpe du Zwift. My max HR on the 4DP test was 150 too.

I’m 77kg. 4DP puts my CTHR at 140.

Afib + high blood pressure was no fun and I’m on a number of meds (aspirin, lisinopril, flecainide, metoprolol). Happened twice after the first ER visit, about 6 months apart.

I’m not advocating for or against, but I did buy the Frontier X HRM which does live ECG tracking during a workout. More for the piece of mind but I have a couple weeks’ worth of HR & ECG data to bring to the next cardiologist doc appointment.

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