Assimo v kickr bike

Hi Sufferlandrians,

Apologies if there is already a thread I did search a couple of different ways before posting.
I have just upgraded to a kickr bike from tacx neo and it seems easier doing the workouts.
I completed FF yesterday after not much riding and got a decent bump in numbers which makes me wonder if its the different trainer.
I used assimo duo pedals and an elemnt to record watts and cadence for half of cash register then switched back to the bike for power. The cadence was consistently 10% under with the bike v pedals/elemnt - its also felt this way. This was also the case with power output but i then realised I hadn’t updated my FTP on the elemnt.
Has anbody else had this issue or got any advice.
Thanks Simon

Very similar here.

I compared my Garmin Rally pedals to my Kickr Core on a workout and the Kickr consistently read about 10% higher than the pedals.
There’s always going to be a discrepancy between power sources due to the location and way they measure the power output. As long as the power is consistent I’m happy, if it was reading +10% one ride than +1% the next it would be an issue.

Thanks for the reply, my bigger concern is the cadence as the bike is reading 90 and the elemnt/pedals 78 for instance.
I think i’ll repeat the comparison on level mode in case it has something to do with erg.

Result! Wahoo identified a firmware issue and provided a fix. Now I can suffer properly!