Auction CLOSED: Tour of Sufferlandria Posters 2013-2022 + SUF Day 2017


I’ve decided to close the auction a little early.
The winning bidder is our great mythical nation’s unofficial historian/documentarian Cap’n Sir Ian (@CPT_A ) who painstakingly captured the release order of The Sufferfest vids as a lead up to his OG Quest (you can read about that here KoS Quest - The O.G. (completed! 🥹)

Cap’n Sir Ian has already donated his bid and while he was not expecting me to close the auction early, I’ve made the executive decision to do so anyway.

Original post:

It pains me to do this but in the very near future, I am going to be downsizing my bicycle torture chamber and will not have room for all of my ToS Posters or my SUF Day 2017 Poster. So, in the hopes of raising a few doubloons for the DPF, I have decided to auction off the entire collection.

The posters are all in excellent shape (save for 4 small nail sized holes where they were previously attached to the cave walls). All 16 1/4 inches x 22 3/4 inches give or take a mm or two.

The Rules:

  • You are bidding on the entire collection of 10 Official ToS posters plus the 2017 Suf Day poster.
  • Winning bidder agrees to pay actual shipping costs from Winnipeg Canada with posters to be shipped in the Poster Tube you can see on top of the desk (between the wifi router and my torque wrench case).
  • The winning bidder must donate their winning bid to either my own, or a member of our team’s DPF Fundraising pages and provide proof of donation.
  • Bidding will start at $50.00 USD + shipping.
  • Bidding is open now and will close March 5, 2023 at 10:00 GMT, exactly 1 week prior to the start of Stage 1 of the Wahoolimabob Tour.
  • Bids accepted either publicly via this post or via DM.
  • Winning bidder will be announced as an edit to the top of this post (unless they wish to have their name withheld)

This is my page: The Wahooligan Tour: Glen Coutts - Davis Phinney Foundation
This is our team page: The Wahooligan Tour: Knights of Sufferlandria - Davis Phinney Foundation

Here is a pano pic of them all on the walls. From the left is SUF Day 2017 with a blank spot for what would have been ToS 2023 :frowning: …then left to right 2022-2013

Here’s a thumbnail view


Adding on to Sir Glen’s idea, I have a spare 2021 poster (for the Laser Goat lovers amongst you). Happy to offer the same deal as Sir Glen and say $5 starting bid donated to my DPF fundraising efforts, highest bidder gets it!

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Legend, Sir @Glen.Coutts. Maybe I can funnel away some of my donations to you…

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I feel like - as (un)official national historian, I should at least TRY to make the effort…for the archives you know.


Sad to break up this impressive collection…chapeau! I would donate to obtain an original flag…bleeding eyes do not offend me.

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Thanks Sir. My flag is not currently for sale. And I won’t be breaking up the collection. It’s being sold as a whole.


…I still want a flag…


I might have a flag for sale depending on how generous the donation to the DPF is….


I’ve got this flag Sir @ronburgundy


I need to get this as a flag. Although I might make it singular for the flag. Maybe. :thinking:


I have a flag. Pristine, unfurled, still with its original fold lines. Now you have me thinking. Wouldn’t let uIt go for cheap, not sure I could let it go at all to be honest, the sentimental value is HUGE.


Well now you’re just taunting us. :smirk:


…It’s for a good cause…


I know.

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This could become a regular thing, you know. Each year, the current owner of the flags and posters auctions off the right to be their custodian for the following year.


Brilliant idea!


That’s a great idea Sir @Glen.Coutts & a mighty fine collection you’ve got there…I’m very envious…not to mention the extra/oversized/gargantuan Pain Cave you’ve got there…it puts my little Man-hovel to shame :disappointed:


The new Knights wing of the Sufferlandrian archives is going to be LIT.

From my cold, dead hands @DameLisa. :wink:


All yours mate, ALL yours!!!


Worth saying… I still have my spare 2021 poster (for the Laser Goat lovers amongst you). $5 starting bid donated to my DPF fundraising efforts, highest bidder gets it!


You should start a new post for this so you get more eyeballs on it. :+1:

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