Draw: Tour of Sufferlandria Posters 2013-2022

Here is your chance to adorn your BTC with the complete set of classic posters from the Tours of Sufferlandria. That’s right, all 10 of them. But wait, there’s more. Included in this draw is the poster for SUF Day 2017, you know, the one that gave us Kitchen Sink :nauseated_face:

Our nation’s historian, Cap’n Sir Ian @CPT_A has generously returned these to me, after outbidding all others in last year’s auction, so we can raise a few more dubloons for The Davis Phinney Foundation.

This year, I’m gonna have a draw for them instead.

Every $10 donated to my DPF fundraising page here: Sir Glen’s Fundraising page for the Wahoolimabob Tour will get you a chance in the draw. Please send me a direct message indicating you’ve made the donation and that you’d like it to be considered for the Poster Draw. I ask that, as I plan to have some other draws for the Tour 2024 as well.

The winner must pay the actual shipping costs (I’d estimate at about $25)

These posters are all in excellent condition though they do have pin holes where they were previously hung.

16 1/4 inches x 22 3/4 inches give or take a mm or two.

The Rules:

  • You are entering a draw on the entire collection of 10 Official ToS posters plus the 2017 Suf Day poster.
  • Winner agrees to pay actual shipping costs from Winnipeg Canada with posters to be shipped in the Poster Tube you can see on top of the desk (between the wifi router and my torque wrench case).
  • The Poster Draw is open now and will close February 24th at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Winner will be announced as an edit to the top of this post (unless they wish to have their name withheld)

Here is a pano pic of them all on the walls. From the left is SUF Day 2017 with a blank spot for what would have been ToS 2023 :frowning: …then left to right 2022-2013

Here is a thumbnail pic of the 10 ToS posters.


Way to go Sir! I’m sure many will seek these prized treasures.

Have you been contacted by the Louvre or the Smithsonian yet? I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

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Seriously, these are timeless works of art!

If I had the space I’d never have parted with them.

I’m in - donation made
:volcano: :volcano: :volcano:

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Chapeau Cap’n Sir Ian @CPT_A

and well done Sir @Glen.Coutts for auctioning these again for a great cause.

I doff me cap to both yinz.


Does the cap have a donation in it, perchance?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Top idea Sir Glen… The 2017 poster I missed.

Also IMO it had the best graphic and route!

Fluffy never far behind.

:biking_man: :t_rex:


I dunno if I could say I have a favourite. If I could only have one, it’d be 2016 as it was my first. Thanks for the donation! Edit: thanks for the donationS!


Yo yo yo people!!! You got less than a week to get your draw entries in!

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And the winner is…

I’ve sent you a private message for more info.


Well deserved Tiago.

Now display them proudly for all to bask in your awesomeness!



@Glen.Coutts , Sir Glenn,

It took me a little while to respond because, out of respect, I wasn’t quite sure what and how to say.

The value of things is highly subjective. I recognize a priceless value in this collection.
It’s a kind of historical roadmap of one of the striking facets of Sufferlandria.

I discovered The Sufferfest only in 2016 when I found myself working in a place where I couldn’t cycle outdoors for quite sometime.
As Sir Glen says, once you enter Sufferlandria, you never leave. And its true, i guess.
Training with dedication and intensity through The Sufferfest videos marks us, despite making it much more fun. And at that time, I wasn’t aware of the extraordinary community of the greatest mythical nation in the whole wide world.

I never entered in a Tour until 2023. Regrettably and with much sorrow, I can’t even claim to have completed a ToS, designed by GvA himself.

Therefore, I don’t even feel worthy of this collection.

This collection is exceptionally beautiful and precious

I don’t recall ever winning anything in a contest or raffle.

It’s the irony of life, often magical.

The only reason I contributed and entered the contest was to try to ensure that the posters end up, or better said, stay where they belong. I could never acept this collection for myself in a draw, much less for the value of my contribution. Destiny had it written this way.

So, Sir Glen, as incredible as this draw has been, I am very happy for my luck, I cannot accept the posters.

I don’t know if, in some way, I contribute to something more being donated to DPF, but I hope to be well understood.

With respect, admiration, joy, and profound gratitude to the brilliant founders and those who keep this nation alive!

So, Sir Glen, may we all relish in the enduring spirit of pain, misery, and agony, balanced by the enduring rewards of honor, glory, and victory for many years to come.

Xoom Xoom




:pray: :pray:

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In respect of your wishes @Tiago_Branco I shall make another spin of the wheel!

Sufferlandria is a much better nation because of citizens like you :facepunch:t3:


Without further ado. In fact, without any ado, I give you the new winner of the ToS Posters draw:

Please DM me your address details and we can discuss shipping options.

Edit: I see the spinner file is still processing but it was completed.


:volcano:Glory be to Sufferlandria :volcano:
Chamois dancing gifs etc etc (too technical for me to actually find them)
:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:


Well, by a very circuitous route, the new, and final winner of this draw is :drum: :drum: :drum:

Thanks to @Tiago_Branco and Sir Stephen @sabassissore for their generosity and their desire to be sure these timeless works of art can be fully displayed with honour, for the glory of our great nation.

I’ll DM you for shipping deets etc.


Yes indeed… thanks to both for the immense kindness displayed here.

What an incredible community we have.

I am now painting a fresh new wall to get these masterpieces displayed so all can see my Badassness and Glory!

Onwards to Victory, fellow Sufferlandrians.