Tour of Sufferlandria Poster Now on Sale

It would look so good in your living room. Get the 2022 Tour of Sufferlandria poster here: Official Poster of the 2022 Tour of Sufferlandria by GvA The Sufferfest | Redbubble


Order is in. Even paid a few more bucks for faster shipping so I can have it ready before the Grand Depart. Thanks for making it readily available and affordable even though Redbubble seems to be a den of thieves.


I have asked this Q somewhere else already but will there be a t shirt this year?

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Sweet! Any chance we can get the art print version (16x20) so can match previous years on wall :smile:

I see the large framed art print is in there.

Ya, I just saw that, but unfortunately I ordered the 16x20 art print (no frame) last 2 years and I put them in my own frame, so was hoping I could be matchy matchy on my wall w this years :joy:

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Ahh. Got it. Sorry.

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Oh yeah! :sunglasses:



I don’t know…would it feel more intimidating if it were behind me?



I ordered one for this year and found the others from previous years! So cool! The T-Rex :t_rex: one is great!

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They do sell a T shirt on Redbuggle but it’s just the poster printed on a tee, so probably a giant rubbery rectangle on your chest… not very nice.

Well that’s vivid. :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Let the tour begin!



Hey @RServranckx, I see you’ve raised your Climb a bit. Is there a reason behind that?

Yeah, my floor is slanted! :grin: The piece of wood levels off my bike.


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Yes, a bit disappointing. I am sure the earlier t-shirts were much better and redbubble can produce good quality t shirts.

The 2020 ToS t-shirt was nice but the design faded after just a couple of gentle machine washes.

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