Audio on Neal’s “A week with” series

An FYI to the SYSTM team. Neal’s A week with series - the audio, if played on mono output is scrambled. I use the app through my iPad which I have set to Mono audio. Haven’t had the issue with the Phil’s or Ian’s “A Week With” videos. Just Neal’s. At first I thought I had somehow gotten a corrupted file downloaded, but tried downloading a few times. The intro and outro music play fine, but after that it goes out of whack. Was able to navigate it, just wanted to give a heads up!

Same issue for me. ApPle iOS set on mono. The issues were with some of the recovery intervals - the Jersey museum? Something with wine? I was able to hear bike chat in the tough intervalsalthough only Neal’s voice was clear and also hear about his n plus one bikes

@ZeitGeist and @Cheryl.Vasan can I ask what you’re referring to with “set to Mono audio”? As in Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Mono Audio? Just curious if there’s a reason you have it set that way? Because I did A Week With Neal Henderson las week, run through my iPad and iPhone, and had no audio problems using a normal setup.

Yes, that is the right command path.

I set to Mono because I am completely deaf in my left ear. I always worry about missing sound that goes only to that side.

Because I no longer get directional sound, I sometimes also set things so that vocal frequencies are louder and I RELY on subtitles. It’s very difficult to sort out crowd noise and parties. Having sounds at different volume levels helps me sort them out. So far I’m doing fine with voice/road noise and sound effects/music in SYS videos.


I also had issues today in Neal Henderson 3: office commute. Mono was again messed up but I was able to work around it by setting the sound balance to be fully on the right.

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Hmmm. Weird! I’ll check it out guys. Thanks!


I’d like to know how I’m meant to complete the week with Neil when session 1 is missing!!??!!

Thanks! I filed a help ticket about 2 and 3. NH1 was fine in Mono. I’m about to check out the 4th one.

Seems to be there for me:

Don’t go in to “Cycling” and try to filter from there because session 1 is not cycling, it’s just an intro.

Instead go to Library → Explore by channel → A week with (on iOS, anyway).


That explains it!

Makes total sense - was just wondering if there was an iOS settings issue that was truncating the audio feed.

I feel your pain - not complete deafness, but I have extensive work-related bilateral loss and am hopeless in situations with a lot of crowd or background noise.

Glad @David.McQuillen.KoS and the minions are going to take a look at it. I may try your settings fix and see if it helps me at all as well!


Not sure it’s just iPad/mono as I had intermittent audio problems in Windows using stereo during the week with NH when I did it last week.

Haven’t done most of the other weeks yet but when I have they’ve been fine, as have all the other workouts I’ve done.