A Week with Neal Henderson

Just finished this yesterday. I had done the velodrome previously. I like the content and “group ride feel” along with general camera work. I hope the Boulder Chamber of Commerce paid you a stipend…not that they are challenged getting people to move there…that is purely limited by the insane housing market…anyhow my feedback/input for this week with Neil.

  1. you guys got to work on your audio - I have my pc on max volume it is still pretty quiet and when there is dialog, I am guessing Neil is only one mic’d – Hire Phil Gaimon. I want that conversation (and I realize that in a normal ride, I can’t hear the guys in front of me…) – you also have levels that vary a LOT in gravel grinder I think as you shift from external camera locations to just Neil on the trail. Spend more time in post.
  2. I think you should publish the GPX files, on Gravel Grinder I was thinking if I had a business trip to Boulder I would haul my XC bike up and ride that.

Some more weeks I would like: A week with Phil G clmbing the Hollywood hills. A week with a Crit team: L39ion, Automic including a race. A week with Willy Smit – he could do a couple: Andorra “group rides” and one in Africa. A week with Annemiek. I would also like branch outs like a week with Daniela Ryf or Nino Schurter (if you kept it bike lane)


Guessing that would hurt a lot. :grimacing:


This would DEFINITELY hurt a lot.


The Shovel on repeat for you until you spell @Coach.Neal.H ’s name correctly.



The audio of Sir Neal really needs some work. I had exactly the same problem - almost impossible to hear with maxed out volume.

For me, the audio mix was messed up. My computer was on Mono output and it caused the dialog to disappear. Once I switched back to stereo audio was back. They should go back and just remix the audio track.

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haha, I’m Irish, I can’t help it

Well, it is my sufferfest roots…but do remember everything is scaled :slight_smile:

Are you Irish? So yesterday I watched a movie about you :crazy_face:

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the irish italian

I’ve had to shuffle my week with @Coach.Neal.H around to accommodate life so I only completed Rabbit Mountain today, my third AWWN workout.

This is now one of my favourite workouts in the entire SYSTM library. Pushed me to my limits without cracking me.

I think this is a great workout as the cycle part of a brick session and really well suited to level mode (for those with smart trainers).

10/10 will do this again.


At the beginning of the New Year “Week with Neal Henderson” - mission complete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Week with NH


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Just hope those in Boulder are ok after the recent fires


Started my week with sir Neal yesterday. I want to show the people I ride with how they did pace line. They worked so well together. I agree I wanted to hear the convos.

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Thanks for thinking of us @Stonechat

Most of Boulder proper was spared, though many of our neighbors in Louisville and Superior lost their homes. Nearly 1,000 homes were lost in the fires. The fire started just about 1 mile away from my home, and while we were without power for 3-days here, we were quite lucky. There are many opportunities to help out including many organized at the following link if you’re so inclined: Marshall Fire - Boulder Beat

Thanks for your concern! Neal


additionally to the gpx files - recipes of the meals in those series would be nice too

I did Rabbit Mountain yesterday and enjoyed it very much. That last stretch up the hill was pretty brutal. In my head I was having a go at @Coach.Neal.H: “Come on Neal, you can do it, get the others!” Didn’t help…

The rest of the week’s schedule will have to wait until later. My routine covid test showed up positive today. Boo.


Oh unlucky. Stay healthy.


Fingers crossed you only have mild symptoms.

I tested positive on the 2nd January - 11 weeks into a 12 week All Purpose plan, which wasn’t ideal.

Since then I have only managed 1 recovery ride, but feel a lot better today, and hope to do another easyish session tonight and tomorrow and then start to ramp up the intensity over the weekend.

Next week I have added the A week with Ian Boswell plan which will be followed by my rescheduled test week.

I felt I was making really good progress during my plan so hopefully the enforced layoff hasn’t been too detrimental.

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