Video Only Bike Rides cuts off music when video starts

Hi all so last night I was doing the Primers ride and when it came it use your own music as this video had none. So I paused the video went into my podcasts and lined up Episodes 1 & 2 of The Knowledge started playing them went back into Primers and started the ride immediately the podcast stopped. I paused the video again went back to the podcasts started it again back to the video and started it this time the music kept playing but the video was still paused even though the time was moving the video did catch up about 45 - 60 seconds later. Is this a problem with the app or the podcasts or just Apple ?

There is an iOS issue with playing outside music during a workout. It can be circumvented with some patience. This is going to be addressed at some point in the not-too-distant future.


Yeah, this is a big deal for me. On most days I listen to podcasts, audio books, music etc. while riding the trainer. Super annoying to have to fire up another device to listen and then miss transitions during the workout without the workout audio. Please fix soon.