Autocorrect NOT working

Why in tge (example, this eould be changed automatically to the word ‘the’) gods good names is autocorrect not working on this site? It’s frustrating to look at a lengthy post to see more tgan twenty mistakes that would be corrected elsewhere in a post. I have to go back an manually correct each one and it reduces the value of this product. BTW, i checked the settings for both my input device and browser and autocorrect and predictive text are enabled but i can’t find anywhere in the program settings to set or disable either.


Nothing must dull the suffering?

Seriously though, I 100% agree. Especially from the iOS mobile app. I find autocorrect is there but it’s often wrong.

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Yes, this exactly! I thought it was just me.

I’ve herd it said that selling mistakes are a sine of authenticity. Not sure I’d agree with that though.