Nit-Picks and Typos

We’ve all experienced them - Little things in the videos that don’t really make a difference to the overall experience, and are only noticed by a fraction of sharp-eyed Sufferlandrians, … but they’re there. You could say that the minions have had an on-again/off-again relationship with spell-check over the years… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To be fair, I have noticed that most of those little misspellings and grammatical snafus have been fixed in the past year (well done Minions!), but every once in awhile a new one is discovered. While the I’m sure the SUF development team has a ton of more important work to do, this thread could serve as a record of these types of minor issues to fix if/when they ever get to come up for air.

Try to avoid general complaints. Where possible, we should include as much detail as possible, such as:

  1. Video name
  2. Time of occurrence
  3. Description of the thing (typo, sound effect, etc)
  4. Device/version/etc you were using

I’ll go first - At the end of the final little spin-it-out interval of Who Dares (at approximately 53:15), there is an extra ‘brake’ sound effect. Noticed it yesterday, was running version 6.10.0 on my iPad.


I’m going to ban myself from contributing to this topic :grin: #MoP


Not a typo, but the song “when the Hammer comes down” on AVDP, should really play between Hammers 8 and 9 on Nine Hammers. Just saying… :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:


I am usually too focussed on the effort to notice these things, There is the odd cheer or rev in the wrong place, but by the time I have finished the workout , I do not care anymore. We can make things perfect, professional and slick, but quirky is good also


All the videos
Haven’t logged the times, but I keep threatening to
All the pee footage (almost all videos have some footage or a liquid stream that I could do without seeing) :wink:

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Great thread idea, Sir Clayton.

Getting Away With It has a translation error in the 3rd block, in Spanish. Timestamp 30:24. It says:

Spanish for “I Will Beat My Ass Today to Kick Yours Tomorrow” is “Voy a darme una paliza hoy para que te daré una golpiza mañana.”

The Spanish translation should be “Me daré una paliza hoy para darte una zurra mañana.” An alternative could be “Me daré una paliza hoy para dártela a ti mañana.” You could also use the current one by changing it to “Voy a darme una paliza hoy para darte una golpiza mañana.”

I prefer the first and second options, though.

The current version is, approximately, the equivalent of saying “I will go give myself a beating today to so that I will give you a beating tomorrow.” And yes, it does read like it has those grammar mistakes in it.

“Paliza” is a beating with a stick, though it can be interpreted as punishment or general beating; “Zurra” is a beating with a series of hits or impacts, or a fight in which someone ends up mistreated.

There are a few other options, and I’ll gladly give a hand if the team wants to look this over with me.


Far be it for me to be cruel, but wouldn’t it be more fun to point out the type of error, give the video and let the minions loose trying to find where it is?


On Half is Easy as well as Revolver is Easy just before the last two sneaky ugly’s (32 min on Half is Easy) it says:

- I believe the “of” does not need to be there.

There’s quite a few other errors which I have picked up over the years but I never bothered mentioning them. I will make notes


Open 30 linked to a screenshot from open 15 in the auto photo in Strava.

Really nitpicking…


Just two more: being an engineer who lives in a country that uses the metric system: the standard International System abbrevition for kilometer is “km” and for kilometer per hour is “km/h”. Both of these are typed differently in the app (Km and Kmh).

Don’t get me wrong, nothing but love for Sufferfest, just want to see it improve these almost insignificant details! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s true! Thanks for starting this thread @Sir_Clayton!


Let’s not talk about their relationship with the Ministry of Pedantry. Badge* courtesy of Sir @Davehancock I believe.

*it’s like a sticker but, unlike the KoS ones, not something you can stick anywhere (although that’s not always what the minions say)



Hmm. We could get a batch printed …

We are an exclusive society of rather unpopular folk!


I think a certain level is important - and here’s why:

Remember when SUF put out the PDF training plans? They were full of errors, even misspelling the names of the workouts ( remember ‘Long Screem’ ? ). After reviewing those plans, I had no confidence in their content. I mean, if they couldn’t get something as simple as the workout names right, why should I trust them with my training?

I want new Sufferlandrians to have complete confidence in the sports science behind the The Sufferfest, and not second guess its value because of the way it is presented. That is why I think a certain level of nit-picking is valuable. It makes the content better, and keeps the rider focus on improving and having “fun”.


Nice. You’re not getting away with that one though :wink: #MoP

Dammit. Back to day zero…


From Thin Air at 34:05
Issue: The word ‘STAND’ is not centered on the red box. Likely an extra carriage return.
Device: iPad running version 6.10.0


Edited to hide embarrassment.:wink:


Will he ever make it to day 1?! :thinking:


We aren’t allowed to have stickers in Sufferlandria…