Autoplay double rides in training plan

I noticed that often when the plan prescribes a workout + second workout with reduced numbers, I don’t bother with the second ‘recovery’ and just call it a day. It might be a bit of laziness, but saving my workout and starting up the second one usually is a bit too cumbersome.

Can we have a feature that let’s you select two (or more) workouts to be played in succesion or even glued together? An autoplay that gives a countdown of 5 seconds before the next workout starts or something like that?
And even better would be to be able to export both workouts in one file to Strava/Trainingpeaks/…

That way when we have The Cure + Joyride I do them as one bigger training instead of two seperate workouts.

Let’s be honest here. You really just want to do 18 Hammers, don’t you?


@Arne Good idea. I currently have some doubles in my plan and would be happy if I could select them and play in succession. Adding them into a big workout wouldn‘t be necessary, just play, adding comments could be done at the very end.

Look at the Tour of Suf, there were some doubles, unfortunately no 18 hammers, but…

I agree it’s a good idea. There has been mention of playlists else where and I think it would be a great and hopefully easy addition.