Avanti Giro!

Aaaaaaand this is why - despite being an avid technophile - I will keep my mechanical shifters, thank you VERY much.



The ONLY thing stopping me from electronic group set is $$$


Only once did I have an issue with my electronic shifters several years back. My error 100%, I forgot to charge the batteries. I thought about switching the front battery which still had juice with the dead rear battery but opted not to. In the spirit of a true Sufferlandrian, I rode the next 22 miles in one gear. Two climbs were tough but I got through it. I don’t think I would do that today however.


I mean, OKAY? I suppose if I had an excess of funds after completing a new road bike build, buying some faster wheels for my CX bike, getting a crank-based power meter for outdoor rides, etc. etc., I might consider upgrading a groupset…guess I have a lot of other needs/wants before Di2 would come into play.

Now, if someone were to GIVE me a ride with electronics, I wouldn’t say no…



I bet nobody would say no to begin with. :smile:

Totally! The difference between the Ultegra mechanical to Ultegra electronic is about 8k Malaysian Ringgit. :dizzy_face:

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That’s…a lot, im assuming? :wink:

About $2500 CAD

Same diff here.

Yup, that’s quite a lot of money. The difference between the 105 mechnical to the 105 electronic is only lightly less, about 6500 MYR.

Then again, I haven’t tried electronic shifting before though, but if given the chance, would like to give that a try.


Be prepared to buy one if you try it. I bought a take off “kit” from ebay and put it on my bike, officially ruined me to having a bike with mechanical shifters.

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Oh no, I must resist this temptation!

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Last winter I bought a used DI2 setup for my mountain bike off eBay I wanted to see if it was worth getting a new setup for my wife’s bike. While it is neat the extra steps, particularly charging are just not worth the switch for me. I know everybody says you don’t have to charge in that often but that also means the human brain kicks in and edits the need to charge out of your daily life. This recently happened to me when the battery went dead 5 minutes into a mountain bike ride and I rode 2 hours in one gear up and down hills, that’s not as fun as it sounds :slight_smile:


Hmmm. Sounds like “fun” though :wink: One of those experiences that will ALWAYS be remembered, are great for story telling around the cafe stops etc and you’re proud to have gotten through it to tell the tale.

Despite your cautionary tale, I still want an electronic group set, 105 would suit me just fine though I am most attracted to the actually wireless Rival e-tap.

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Very much this, @rrutis

Oh no Sir, but we don’t feel sorry for the pain. :joy:Nothing must dull the suffering, remember?

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So true for a weekend warrior like myself. I’d forget to charge it, or ruin the batteries by keeping it on chargers too long - or something.

Being the hypocrite that I am: if I could afford to buy and maintain an electronic groupset, I probably would. If only to get sequential gearing.

Then again, if I had that sort of money to spare, I’d probably build a 1990’s style minimalist rim-brake bike to satisfy my (upcoming) midlife crisis…

Luckily, I don’t have the cash, so we’re good.


oh don’t get me started!


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