Oh, Snap! Phew!

Well, I had a real scare, this morning. Did a metric century on my trainer. I was doing the No-vid Tempo: 2x25 with Z###t in the background for scenery. Rode in Erg mode until the last 20 minutes when I switched to level mode because I wanted to put in 1 sprint effort before I finished.

I had finished over 97k with less than 3km left. My legs didn’t really want to do a full out sprint, so instead I did a power ramp up before and during the sprint to the sprint line. I was up to 720w shortly before I reached the line and was just standing up for one big final effort when my bike went “bang!” I thought I had snapped my chain or worse. I looked down and found my chain had come off. I tried to pedal it back on but with no luck. I got off and found my chain wasn’t just off, it was also twisted and torqued. As I tried to get it back on I thought my rear derailer hanger had busted.

Took some work, but I managed to untwist my chain and get it back on and found my derailer was safe. Was able to get back on and finish out the ride. Phew! Well, until my wife walked in with less than .5km left to let me know my daughter wasn’t feeling good. :pleading_face: But I got my 101km ride done!


Congrats on the successful endeavor! You took finishing with a bang really serious. :wink: Sounds a bit scary.

Glad you and your bike are ok. Hopefully your daughter will feel better soon.

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I’m getting more and more super nervous about sprint efforts because with my son’s asthma and immune system problems we are still self-isolating and any trip out requires a lot of extra precautions. So if something on my bike does break I have to fix it myself and wait for parts or drop it off at a LBS or call Velofix. And all of those options require some level of risk and time off the bike, either waiting for parts, and/or quarantining and sanitizing my bike before I can use it again. So I expect any significant issue will likely force me off my bike for at least week or two depending. At least I have a spare chain, tho I should also buy a chain tool and see placement pins, too, just so I have them. I also still have my rear wheel and old dumb trainer if it comes to that, too. Just crossing my fingers and saying a small prayer every morning before I get on. Also trying to figure out how my daughter got sick. Thinking it was a GI issue not a virus, because how do you catch a virus when nobody leaves the house for a week at a time unless we shower and wash our hands thoroughly every time someone returns? Okay, I’m rambling and venting, but that’s my life, for now. So glad it was all sound and no fury!