Average power 252W HR 111 Avg spd: 36.3kmh

Saw off Strava stats
HR 111bpm,
average power 252W
average speed of 36.6kmh

How do we train to lower HR at that kind of power? Amazing.

For a start it will depend what that person’s FTP is. If it was a pro or Cat 1 etc that kind of power will potentially be low Z2.

But more importantly HR is massively variable person to person so it’s one metric more than any other that you shouldn’t compare. Just focus o raising your FTP (and other 4DP metrics) and getting your general fitness to where you need it. Your power/HR ratio will then be optimised for you, but that’s more of a consequence not an aim of any training.


Millege was 100km relatively flat terrain.
but was amazed at his low HR. HR 114 is already my upper HR Z1 limit. I reckon this should be his low HR Z1.

He has been posting his local rides on strava regularly. He trains as a triathlete for Ironman races. FTP should hover 360W to 400W (Pro or Cat 1) to clock such low HR.

Truly inspired. :star_struck:

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After obsessing with HR I have come to realized that it makes sense only when compared to oneself.

Some people I ride with cannot speak when their HR is at 140 bpm, yet for me 140 bpm its a recovery pace. This is not to say I am fitter than them, on the contrary I often get dropped. We are just different persons.

Talking about this cat1 or pro beast you mention, his HR will vary depending on the day’s temperature at the same power level as well. All this to say: do not compare HR nor absolute power when training. HR is to be compared with past you only. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see this guy’s power to weigh ratio.


HR is very specific to the individual person.


Here are screengrabs from his Strava.

He trains as a triathlete so after bike leg, he would post his swim and run later in the day.

I’m asking for his age group and weight. Let see if he let us in.


He is 56y.o and 83kg.

So he averaged just over 3 watts a kilo for the whole ride, pretty normal I would think for someone who trains in all three sports bearing in mind at his age his max may only be 150bpm??

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It might be even less, too - but 150 would put that ride at ~75% which is a nice, solid 100k ride for me.
Plus - the elapsed time was 3.40, which you’d think would make a difference, too.

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