Heart rate % adjustment

I am currently doing the All Purpose Road Training programme. It appears that when the ‘coaches’ adjust the effort on a training session (i.e. reduce the percentage of the FTP, MAP,AC and NM) the wattage is reduced but there appears to be no adjustment on the HR, why is this?

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Yes - I noticed that yesterday while doing a reduced FTP workout. I suspect that it just isn’t programmed to adjust. I wouldn’t worry about it if you are training with power.

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I imagine it’s because zones be adjust easily as a percentage i.e. 50% reduction in power isn’t 50% lower heart rate. I wouldn’t worry about heart rate too much in this context and concentrate on power.

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That’s the tack I’m taking. Prior to using power to drive my training, I would use HR, so have a reasonable grasp of where I should be. Thanks for the feedback though!

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Hey, thanks for mentioning this about the HR adjustments and I hope you’re getting something out of the reduced intensity workouts.
We have had a lot on our plates recently but this was on our radar and we are looking at the best way to deliver these reduced intensity sessions to you.

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Hey there, just joined the sufferfest community some days ago and started a training plan after the 4DP test.
Yesterday I had the long scream time trial trianing > FTP level 40%.
As shown on the picture my watt levels with 40% are low (almost felt easier that a recovery ride) and I could by far no reach the hear rate zone shown. I then increased the FTP level manually to 90% to reach the HR zone.
Is this the rigth approach or shoud I disregard the HR zones and just follow the watt levels?
I‘ve Wahoo Kickr Core and in ERG mode.

General consensus is to ignore the HR and work on Watts. Welcome aboard and enjoy your training!


Hi @Kuno74 and welcome. For the workouts where the coaches have adjusted the power targets you should ignore the HR and RPE “targets” (these don’t adjust so aren’t valid). Your Long Scream should have felt easier than a recovery ride, or certainly no harder than a recovery ride, as that’s what it was intended to be.

It should be easy enough to display the correct HR zone for the reduced power target though. I realise it doesn’t currently make that correction.

Thanks all for your feedback.