Axle compatibility with 2 bikes

Looking at getting a KICKR. We own a Specialized Cirrus Carbon Pro with a quick release axle and a Trek FX6 with a thru axle. How difficult is it to change bikes on the KICKR?


Depends, same number of gears will make the process a lot easier. When I set mine up I just need to swap the outer caps between the thru axle and the quick release. The bigger part for me was changing the cassette as one is 11 speed and one is 12 speed.

@tdos It takes less than 5 minutes. Remove cassette and spacer and replace with other bikes cassette and spacer if needed. You will need a chain whip and cassette removal tool. A torque wrench is a good idea if you have one.

Install the proper parts to fit your dropouts and thread the QR or TA and tighten and test for prope fit and you are done.

Or: you could buy a second KICKR or one of you could get another bike that matches axles.

Just laying out all the options.