Kickr core shifting issue

hello, i bought a kickr core in 2019, first i was using it with a 2015 road bike: QR 130 - no issue or just a few shift adjust…
I changed bike and now I have a 2022 bike with 12mm axle 142… And the shifting is terrible. What surprise me is the distance diff between cassette top cap and axle top cap

on wheel it’s like 7mm and on kickr its 5 !!!
can you guys check that measure? maybe i’m missing something, but i’m sure i have no spacer on both hubs and both are shimano 105 11 speed cassette. To me that difference is too huge to just adjust shift barrel and screw align on rear derailleur…

on my wheel :

Is it possible your bike needs the updated thru axle adapter for the new bike?

i tried this and the distance is the same

By that, do you mean you tried both the original and the updated thru axle adapters?

yep, well in fact the one i bought say 2018 update… WAHOO Adapter Set for Thru Axles | Revised 142 Adapter Kit for KICKR , 27,73 € (
but it seems to be the same

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I got nothing for you then. Sorry. Have you submitted a formal support request?

yes, waiting for answer since like 1 week

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Hang in there. I’ve always found support to be exceptional. Also, welcome to the forums @Julien_PHILIPPE

Hopefully someone else with a Core will weigh in. :pray:

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I’m a little confused. The latest update was for bikes made post 2020, yet the kit you bought said it was made in 2018. I’m thinking you may not have the right adapter kit??

I bought a kickr v5 this last fall and had to get the latest adapter set from Wahoo to make it work right because mine still shipped with the old adapters.

I don’t remember if there was different adapters for 11/12 speed. That may be something else to look at, are you by chance using the 12 speed adapter and that’s causing the shortage?

Well i ordered the kit from wahoo but i doubt about it, WE will see… Non 12s adapter here. Im also wondering if the freehub kit was updated…

should i suspect the freehub inner spacer? Kickr problems while free-wheeling - Equipment - TrainerRoad

Yes that’s been my issue on a different trainer when switching betweem my 10s QR bike and my 11s TA bike. Worth a try anyway.

update, I used custom spacers but i’d really like to undserstand