Back to triathlon

Had my first triathlon for years today, a local Olympic Distance event. Standard service was in play though as I was 55/109 overall but 19th on the bike split :slight_smile: really hope one day to get a TT/Tri bike as that might help eeek out a bit more time.

So great to be back in a proper event/race again!


A jealous fellow triathlete here…it’s still a couple of months until een can race again
Great result and have fun picking a tt bike.


Just need to keep feeding the piggy bank :slight_smile:

Fantastic job! I’m another fellow jealous triathlete. I can’t wait to get back out there in 2022. Sounds like SUF really helped you do the job on your bike split! :+1: Well done!

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Unless you have a bundle of money or you think that you’re really going to do a lot of triathlons and TT events, I can’t say I’d recommend the purchase of a TT bike.

I’ve never felt the need for such an investment and I don’t believe the performance benefit would take me to the “next level” compared to other improvements, e.g. running.

You could argue the same about most things we buy for cycling though :slight_smile: I certainly won’t go out of my way to get one, but if at some point I can afford one I’ll give it a go. I quite like the idea of doing some local TTs as well.

I found purchased improvements from oval rings, wheel and tyre changes, bike fit, etc.

Of course you are right that you can spend money everywhere :grinning:

I just couldn’t justify the one-time cost for such a bike when just enjoying my outdoor riding (cruising, enjoying the weather, etc.) was worth more than a TT bike which seemed quite restricted in its use.

Nice to have N+1 dreams, though :grinning:

As a tt bike owner I’m biased of course :wink:
I use my tt bike quite a lot, fulltime trainer bike in winter and TT’s and tri’s (when we can start again) it’s definitely fun to ride around on.

One thing that helped my performance a lot is the way I could change my body position and reduce drag. I did a bike fit for that. You could try to get the same position on your road bike but for me that ment new stem/seatpost and would change the road bike a lot. I cannot comment on being faster as I started training more after the purchase of the bike.

So while I would agree that you don’t need a tt bike, you really have to have one :wink: