Chrysalis question

I am going to give Chrysalis a go tonight. For anyone who has done it, let me see if I have this right.

The workout starts with a 5 min running warm up. Then a 30 second transition to the bike. That’s a warm up directly into the first 8 min riding block. 30 second transition into the first part of the run workout. 90 second transition back to the bike, repeat repeat, repeat.

I was confused looking at the profile because it says the transition from run to bike was 90 seconds. I guess the thinking was the first ‘run’ is just a warm up so 30 seconds is OK.

Do I have this right?

OK I had that beginning right. The workout is actually pretty tough.

The stats are a bit wonky though. HR was fine since it was on during both the run & bike. It looks like they parsed out the bike for the speed numbers, although they look a bit low for the ride profile. But the cadence they seem to have calculated the run portions as time at zero rpm. My average rpm was 47 for the workout.

If you haven’t done this before and you do a bit of running, it’s a good workout.

I did Chrysalis several times back in the days when it was still with video footage. And honestly did always the “bike only” option. But with your post you created at least awareness on my end , that this workout is still existing! :+1:

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I just did it today and I am not really a runner so that was tough. But the transitions I think need to be fixed - 15 seconds between bike and treadmill but 90 seconds the other way?

@Devries yeah that seemed pretty stupid. I know you are trying to get your transition times down and the bike to run is a real transition in a triathlon, but 15 seconds is a bit too aggressive.

Thanks for the feedback on the transition times. That’s an easy change to make. How does 45s sound? That’s very doable and realistic, right?


That sounds much more realistic.