Badges, Notifications, Details and Devices


I am not a badger nor a badge collector. I am impartial to badges and collectors of badges.

I saw this new fantasy feature came up on Tuesday. Monday, normally an optional rest day or it’s a day reserved for NM and AC work to keep the progression levels slightly balanced, or a day to Beta test. Fridays are enforced rest days. I rode Violator on Monday for the first time.

So back to this new fantasy feature I saw yesterday. The SYSTM app on my mobile had a blue circle bubble with the number 14 in it, like the blue bubble you get tagged onto your forum profile photo, like a blue rabbit’s ear. This is new. Very similar to the red notification bubble one gets on their mobile alerting to new messages.

Tapping on the app icon opened to the Home screen welcoming Sir DAN. Nothing new except at the bottom of the screen where the Menu Tabs are, it looked like a blue bubble party with an additional icon on the menu bar. This piqued my interest, so I went to the Windows app.

Opening Windows, the left side bar menu was also filled with blue bubbles and below the Progress tab was the new Devices tab, with its blue bubble denoting one message. Excitement much.

Back on the mobile with Windows open next to me as well, I tapped on the Progress tab, and as most of you are aware, I was expecting the inevitable, one of the worst kept Beta secrets apparently. Nothing except on the AWARDS tab was this blue bubble notification with the number 1 in it. I did the same in Windows left clicking and using the touch pad on the laptop. As I was about to tap and scroll via the arrows, I noticed a full-size scroll bar on the right-hand side of the page, complete with scrolling arrows at the North and South end of the sliding/scroll bar. What is this Windows artistry.

Not trusting my eyes, I moved my cursor left to the Home tab and lo and behold, that scroll bar was still present. What a rad new feature, similar to what was in the old The Sufferfest app but with a more manageable scrolling function. Back to the Progress Tab and into what this new blue bubble was about.

Scrolling down through the Challenges badges and into Cycling, I see that the All Speed Cycling badge has a colourful orange cheetah face, with this blue bubble tagged onto it. So what you say. Well, there was a details tab within this badge, and looking at the greyed out badges, of which there are many, they too had the details tab on their respective badge plaques. Clicking this details tab opened up a pandora box, as found in the Wahoo Support Badges/Achievements.

The nugget I found was that I had completed all 15 workouts contained under this All Speed banner. A notion that many chase but one that I have ploughed away on subconsciously on my optional Monday rest days. It seems Violator was the last piece of the puzzle and SYSTM had sent me a notification via this new blue bubble feature. Next to the green progress bar with the (incorrect) date of achievement, were the numbers 428. This is the number of people that have been awarded this Badge.

Some other interesting details were that The Shovel (8), The Downward Spiral (7) and There is No Try (6) with Nine Hammers and Half is Easy (5) were the most common of the genre that I ride. That’s a lot of optional Mondays not taking rest. An additional number next to my number of rides per activity, was a far larger number. The Shovel 8/2079. That 2079 number is how many times this activity has been ridden by all you Sufferlandrians. It seems Nine Hammers is the All Speed favourite been ridden 5631 times. My 5 is a drop in the ocean.

Tapping on The Shovel brought up a type of Workout History solely of this workout, detailing all the necessary numbers and dates. This was workout specific. Seeing as I had only ridden The Model once, I tapped/clicked on it and it took me straight to my workout history (which was ToS week) as well as there being other options available to me, to ride it immediately, or to schedule it to my calendar. Bonus, next week Monday is not an optional rest day. It’s been diarised to suffer.

The other badges’ details highlighted which workouts I have not attempted/completed along with the same activity counters which I found above. This is a handy feature for those chasing badges no doubt. And easy to get to via this one app.

Today has been a day of surprises seeing these new fantasy features. There were still more blue bubbles to explore.

Tapping/clicking on the Library tab brought me to its main page. In the CYCLING tab was a blue bubble with the number 4 in it, RUNNING had a number 5 blue bubble and YOGA had a number 3 blue bubble. I nervously tapped on the CYCLING tab and it opened to my standard grid view but the blue bubble 4 was tagged onto the Filters button.

On Windows, and within the category CHANNELS, the The Sufferfest, Inspiration and, A Week With buttons was tagged with their own blue bubbles of 1, 1 and 2 accordingly. Tapping on The Sufferfest button brought up my grid view and scrolling down on the new scroll bar through now 64 workouts, I found the new addition. OMG, it looks horrible.

The same actions going into the other two Channels brought about the 3 new delights that I don’t know how I am going to fit in with my structured planning. Especially as those workouts are now being pushed to my Roam head unit.

As I said earlier, there was a new menu function labelled Devices. And it was tagged with a blue bubble number 1. What could this be.

In short, it was basically the same but limited functionality as the Wahoo Elemnt app. It requested me to pair/connect all my other Wahoo products once off. Some cool functionality was that I was able to perform a Spindown on my KICKR without having to open the Wahoo Elemnt app, it alerted me to an Update being available and wanted to know if I wanted to install said update, it showed me that my IDT cadence sensor has a Weak battery life, that my Gravel bike cadence sensor was Half Full battery life, and I am sure if I used a TICKR it would do the same, but my Polar H10 serves me well currently.

There was the option to add a RIVAL watch but I cannot let go of my Suunto 9 Baro. My Roam and my wife’s Bolt were paired/connected to SYSTM App and immediately it showed an update available for my Roam. I am sure such updating firmware would be available for the watch too.

It’s amazing what these new blue notification bubbles brought about.

Happy suffering y’all.


You spilling the beans from the Beta app? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thank you! Sounds great - can’t wait for it to be released

I wish I was spilling beans.
The above are my fantasy features, requested in a story type of way.


You had me all excited for a moment there…

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