Badges. You gotta collect them all and here is how

Of course you don’t actually have to collect them all but our friends at Wahoo SYSTM have updated their support site recently with a nifty little tool that allows you to determine what precisely is needed for each of the badges you see in the SYSTM app.

If you log in, with your SYSTM email and password, you can filter it to see what you’ve already completed toward any particular badge and what is still needed.

Check out the tool here:

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Amazing. I knew I had one or two missing for some badges, and now I know. Wahoo!


Apparently I am missing something. The instructions say: "Click on an Achievement Badge to identify the required workouts for each badge - and the workouts you still need to complete. "

When I click on any of them it shows me all the videos in the filter. Nowhere that I can see is there anything other that showing all videos. Where exactly is the “and the workouts you still need to complete”???

I had the same issue then realised I hadn’t clicked the “Login” button at the top right of the list.

Nice tool, hopefully this is the beta version before it is added to the app!

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Scroll to the right to see the :white_check_mark:

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How much do I want lots of badges? Apparently only Kitchen Sink left to do to complete a few collections…


This is brilliant. Hopefully we’ll be able to access this through the app soon…


What I like about this is that when I’m not doing a plan I can get some encouragement to do sessions I wouldn’t normally choose. It’s so easy to do the same favourites but so beneficial not too!


Do you must :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Of course, the reality may be depressing. They say ignorance is bliss.

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Thanks for sharing.

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There’s some December goals! Thanks for sharing!

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I like this option. I had no clue I only had 4 SUF rides left in order to complete them all. My question is will we be able to access this function from the progress page? Right now to use it I am going via link in this forum. Thanks


I decided to compare the badge list to the list using the filter in the library.

All Sufferfest - Library 61 sessions / Badge 57 sessions
Speed - Library 10 sessions / Badge 14 sessions
Climbing - Library 12 sessions / Badge 11 sessions

Being an accountant, I decided to reconcile. For those interested, here are the results of my reconciliations.

Sufferfest - Library contains the 5 Open sessions. Understandably, these are not included in the Badge list. This brings the Library to 56 sessions vs Badge at 57 sessions. Badge contains 4DP shown as a Fitness test in the Library. This would appear to reconcile the 2 lists, but the Badge list duplicates 2 workouts (The Trick and Who Dares). It also excludes 2 workouts (The Cure, Joyride). Removing duplicates and adding exclusions reconcile the lists.

Speed - Library list does not include the following 4 workouts.

The Shovel
The Chores
The Cure

Climbing - Badge list does not include “It Seemed Like Thin Air”.

Do with this information whatever you like. In my mind, these 2 should align. At a minimum, I would think the duplicates and exclusions should be corrected in the Sufferfest list.


I hope to see this or something like it in the app at some point. But I dunno how they’re gonna implement it. I do know there are plans to improve that progress section as well as to give us back some kind of activity history.

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Accountants for the win, lol. Full disclosure, I’m not one but think I may have been pretty good at it in another life.

I figured it was just a matter of time before someone did an analysis of some kind.

Now I’ve gotta go and see for myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s also this supplemental info

Edit: tagging Sir on the error/duplicates as noted

From one finance guy to another, there are a few other things to know. On the two “A week with…” series there are non-cycling videos required for the badges. One has a short intro video (no workout) and the other has the short intro and a yoga video.

Sir @Glen.Coutts this is awesome thank you and well done to Wahoo!

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Great to have this as it is. Would be even better when it is part of the SYTM app. Love it and already added an Inspiration workout today toward the badge. :smiley:

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This is fixed in the tool now. As well, ISLTA is now required for the Climbing Badge.

Those are all considered “Mixed” in the Library though all are required for the All Speed badge. I guess no one wants an All Mixed badge although I’d take an All Mixed Up badge :joy:

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